On Repeat

27 June 2014

#FridayFloorFillers Glastonbury special featuring some of our favourite headliners. Oh, if only we were there playing with the other kids...

1) Metallica “Whiskey in the Jar”

LA’s Metallica’s take the headline slot for Saturday night at Glastonbury this year and it’s sounds like a dream come true as the festival’s Michael Eavis is quoted as saying that the band “ring every year” and ask to play.

So here’s a chance to practise your low slung air guitar moves to their Grammy winning cover of the Irish traditional track “Whiskey in the Jar” released in 1998.

On another note, my personal favourite whiskey tipple is a Whiskey Sour although I am also partial to a nice Scotch on the Rocks later in the evening!

2) Lily Allen “Sheezus”

Mrs Cooper is back and in full effect. Unapologectic and ready to rock she has delivered an album of bangers that rocketed to the top of the album charts on release. The title track “Sheezus” (with a small poke at Kanye West) delivers her take on returning to the scene discusssing all her contempories from Queen B to Gaga. Check out the video for some cool trippy visuals too… Lily plays the Pyramid Stage tonight. 

3) Dolly Parton “Working Nine to Five”

Oh Dolly, Dolly, how we love you with your improbable curves, big hair and attitude to match! Listed as a singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, musician and business executive, there is no end to her talents! Some of my favourite fast Dolly facts; Dolly has her own theme park Dollywood in Tennesse, Dolly is the most honored female country performer of all time and has written over 3,000 songs with 46 Grammy nominations to date and Dolly lists the local town hooker as the inspiration behind her iconic style. This is the perfect track to close with as we count down to 5 pm and heading out for the weekend!