It's Poptail Time

26 June 2014

From the creators of the Crème Egg Mojito, the Dangerously Divine and the now infamous Morning Glory comes the next revolution in drinking ‘like a grownup’. Ladies and gentleman it is with the greatest of pleasure and a serious helping of excitement that we bring you...

...the mighty POPTAIL for your general pleasure and delectation.

The master of the cocktail, David Kay, has combined two of our favourite things in the world, Prosecco and popsicles, to make an alcoholic beverage that will have you mentally swinging from the monkey bars and savouring the fabulous summer heat in equal measure. Simple enough in principle, a handmade fresh fruit ice lolly with Prosecco lovingly poured over it, but in terms of taste there is nothing simple going on. A sumptuous marriage of flavours and textures perfectly chilled, this is the only thing you are going to want to be sipping on all summer.

Strawberry & Rose Bellini 

Peach & Raspberry Bellini

Available in one of these two delicious flavours expertly designed by Lickalix to David’s exact specifications for complimenting the dryness of the Prosecco, The Gable (book here), The Sterling (book here) Grace (book here) and The Last (book here) will be offering you Bellini’s and Rosinni’s like you have never tasted before throughout the summer.

Our Head mixologist at Late Night London, David Kay, says:

‘We have designed the ultimate summer experience with the Poptail, a perfect combination of alcoholic delight and cool refreshing flavours certain to have you hooked. I wanted to compliment the nuances of the Prosecco with bespoke lollies that would collectively produce a unique taste sensation. They are extremely light and fruity and go down phenomenally easily in the summer sun.’

If, like me, once you POP you can’t STOP then why not whip yourselves up a couple at home or simply find any and every excuse to drag your friends to try this new sensation in summer sipping… Ever SO fa-ha-bulous!!

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin