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24 June 2014

When I posted my shopping picks last week the sales were just getting started, now they're in full swing and if you haven't seen the discounts available then you need to get yourself acquainted, pronto.

50% off is *standard* this sale season. It's bonkers. BONKERS AND BRILLIANT.

These are some of my fave sale pieces as well as some non-sale items that I deemed worthy of inclusion. That PLT swimsuit may be full price but design-wise it isn't far off the crazy Herve Leger swimsuit from a few seasons ago...except this one is a much more reasonable £24. The price tag of the Herve original? Over 1000 bucks. Really.

Happy shopping!


1. Dress by Kenzo - £207.50 (reduced from £415)


Please buy this and then wear it to Wimbledon immediately. So tennis and SO awesome.

Buy it here.

2. Dress by Clover Canyon - £147.50 (reduced from £295)

They call this print 'Havana' so if you're looking for some Cuban inspired fashion to match any rum based shenanigans, then this is the dress for you. 

Buy it here.

3. iPad Case by Marc Jacobs - £37 (reduced from £75)

They say it's for an iPad, but you can just about shove some keys and cash in there and use it as a clutch. How devious.

Buy it here.

4. Swimsuit by Pretty Little Thing - £24

Probably a bit fiddly to get in and out of and it will definitely cause haphazard tan lines but come on, you'll look smoking hot.

Buy it here.

5. Sliders by Miss Selfridge - £35


Cork, metallics, embellishment and slider love all in one fabby sandal. *Adds to basket*.

Buy them here.

6. Dress by Topshop - £25 (reduced from £50)



Buy it here.

7. Dress by alice + olivia - £347.50 (reduced from £695)


This is a proper party frock. Wear it for something special and be prepared to steal the show.

Buy it here.

8. Clutch by Charlotte Olympia - £162.50 (reduced from £325)


Buy it here.

9. Jumpsuit by Motel - £40

The tropical print screams holiday even if your schedule screams "waiting for a seat on the Central Line, again". 

Buy it here.

10. Jacket by Love - £40

The print of this easy to wear jacket looks spendy but luckily the price tag doesn't reflect that.You'll get a lot of wear out of something like this on summer evenings.

Buy it here.

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