Top 10 Beauty Fails

19 June 2014

Ahh, we've all been there. Running late for night out or oversleeping for work and, in all the stress, we apply a little too much of something or the curling iron kills our hair. These are our Top 10 Beauty FAILS. Ladies, recognise them much?

Mistake 1: Over-plucking the brows

There is nothing worse than non-existent or drawn on eyebrows. Girls, if you don't know how to work a pair of tweezers there's no shame in that, but DO let a professional look after them… Thin is not in when in this context! #Fail

Mistake 2: Caking on your foundation or powder

If you are going to wear foundation then these are the two golden rules: 1) get help getting YOUR correct colour and 2) don’t forget to put a little foundation to your neck area too. Having a different face & neck colour is so not a good look!

Mistake 3: Using too much water-proof mascara

Water-proof mascara is great for a number of occasions, but my Lord is it difficult to get off! Make sure you don't use too much of it and make sure you do not leave it on over night.

Mistake 4: Not gluing on your fake lashes properly

Fake eyelashes can easily go from 'OH so glamorous' to 'so NOT glamorous'. Make sure you don’t go for the spider effect. Clumpy eyelashes that are half glued on and hanging off your face aren’t fooling anyone darling.

Mistake 5: Too worried about what people think

We all have that fear of people seeing us all “naturelle” without our make-up on! But worry less, I'd say. Most people look better without make-up anyways, so don't be afraid to embrace you natural beauty!

Mistake 6: Burning your hair off a curling wand

This is literally my worst nightmare! What's worse than burning yourself on the curling wand? Exactly what happened to this poor girl... Your hair falling off!!

Mistake 7: Using too much fake tan or bronzer

Yes, you might look amazing with a sun kissed tan, but too much bronzer or fake tan can leave you looking silly. Very silly. Know when enough is enough - it's all about that healthy looking glow and less about that orange effect...

Mistake 8: Dying your own hair  

Home dye kits are one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If it goes badly then not only have you ruined your hair but you will have an expensive bill getting it fixed at the hairdressers… the place you should have gone in the first place. #Nightmare

Mistake 9: Cutting your own fringe

Everybody has had a fringe at some point, but one of the biggest beauty mistakes is cutting it yourself and leaving it that little bit too short. Fringes should never be above the eyebrows.

Mistake 10: Applying make up in the car

OK, you’re running late but it’s ok, you can do your make up in the car… BIG MISTAKE! If you’re happy looking like a clown or having a Bridget Jones moment then go ahead! But everyone knows a moving vehicle and a tiny mirror is only going to end one way... #MakeupFailure