Spring Drinking Trends

5 March 2014

Ok, so it’s not technically spring/summer yet, but excuse us whilst we get excited about the prospect of sunshine, drinking, rooftop bars, longer days and lighter evenings.

Ahead of the *epic* summer we’re meant to be having (hopeful it’s going to be a scorcher!), we’ve had a look at the top drinking and bar trends, which are set to dominate the UK throughout the Spring and Summer.

Kale in your cocktail, Japanese vodka and Latin influences anybody? Here’s what’s going to be rocking your drinking world:

South American Spirits

This year sees bootay shaking nation Brazil host the 2014 Football World Cup, so we’re fully anticipating the use of South American spirits such as Pisco and Cachaca introduced into our cocktails. We also predict Tequila-based cocktails will prove a big hit as the temperature rises. Whilst these are predominantly based on blanco varieties, the quality of reposados ("rested") and anejos ("aged") have massively improved. We think a new, darker tequila cocktail may well be on the menu.

Bacon in your cocktail

It may look like a joke, but it's not. Ditch the sweet tooth and try a savoury cocktail this summer. Bacon, horseradish vodka, kale, spinach and spices has started making their way into cocktails and will continue to do so this coming season. While it may not sound appealing, don’t knock it until you try it. You may surprise yourself!

East Meets West

Southeast Asia are targeting the drinks market massively this year with the introduction of Japanese AO vodka, which is made from rice (making it sweeter and not at all as harsh as regular vodka), as well as Mongolian Chinggis vodka, Philippine Rum and Chinese Baijiu, a clear spirit. Any excuse to keep things exotic is great.

Craft Beer

Not only do Craft Beer bottles look visually appealing, but the pop-up of independent London brewers has encouraged the UK to follow the US in getting behind the new beer trend. But which one do we try first? This one is particularly good news for any city dwellers as rumour has it that something new and fabulous on the brew front will be winding it’s way to us just in time for Spring.