How to be a hen party pro

6 March 2014

Post Bridesmaids there is no doubt that the hen night/party/weekend is now a new kind of institution. Expectations are high. It’s your chance to step up as the ‘bestest friend EVER’.

Whilst organising a hen-do for your closest friend can be exciting it can also be very (very!) stressful…  Here are our top tips for saving you from becoming the ‘Henzilla’ from hell and ensuring a perfectly placid bride.

1. Get The Guest List From The Bride


Ask the bride to provide a list of potential guests. This should include names, phone numbers and email addresses. This will ensure that her nearest and dearest are all there on the night without stroppy phone calls from her sister/mother/and other relatives complaining they haven’t been invited. Trust us, you do NOT want to miss them off the list.

2. Save the Date


It’s never too early to “Save the date” so send the invite to all the girls as soon as possible. Once everyone has RSVP’d, get that date in the diary and let the planning commence (with lots of champagne, obvs!).

3. Take a budget into account

Money can cause many an issue to arise. You all remember the infamous and hilarious ‘Bridesmaids’ scene where they try on the different dresses: ‘It is unique. It's special. It's couture. This is made in France.’ ‘Helen, this is um...this is eight hundred dollars.’

So make sure you calculate a total cost for all Hen activities and let all the girls know how much it will be early on. This will give guests plenty of time to pay upfront, making things less stressful for everyone.

4. Know the Bride-to-be


When planning a Hen Party, make sure you take into consideration what the Bride-to-be would want. Whether it is a garden themed party, a cocktail masterclass at Strawberry Moons or a 3 course meal and a glass of bubbly at Grace Bar, you need to personalise to suit her taste.

5. Bond Over A New Experience

Whether it is a big night out complete with a party booth package at Foundation Bar, or an hour singing in a lucky voice pod, or dressing up as your favourite movie character. Choose something that everyone can participate in and enjoy together. Just remember, your Hen probably doesn’t want a fight club themed shower, ahem Becca from Bridesmaids, ‘I uh...I'll just snowball on top of that also Fight Club. Female Fight Club. We grease up, we pull in. Lillian doesn't know, so it's; 'Surprise! We're gonna fight!' We beat the shit out of her. She's not gonna forget that. We...we just fucking attack.’’

6. Play Games

A Hen Party packed full of games will ensure that it is a night to remember. A ‘Bucket List’ of things to do for the Bride-to-be is always a popular one. Or a few games of “I Have Never” & “Truth or Dare” can help get that party started!

7. Add your own personal touch

Don’t forget to add your little touches to the Hen Party. These are the things that will make it special.  Whether it’s personalised name badges or sweet treats like cupcakes…everyone will enjoy these little extras. Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

8. Last Night Of Freedom

Now that all the stress is over go and enjoy the night. A Hen Party is all about celebrating the Hen’s last night of freedom so pop open the champagne and let the dancing at Sway Bar begin!

9. Hen Party Favour Bags

To put an end to a perfect night, why not give all the Hens a little favour to take away with them. Sweets in a kitsch goody bag never goes amiss.

10. Hen Party Memorabilia!

Why not create a personalised hen night book to give to the Bride-to-be as a wedding gift? Ensure during the hen night lots of fab photos are taken and fill the book with little messages from the Hens. She will LOVE IT!

That's our 10 tips to you ladies! Do it well, because remember...