Top 5 Reasons London is better in the spring

27 March 2014

Whatever the season, London is one of the best cities in the world... there is no denying it!

In the winter we rug up like pro’s and relish the delights of a good fire and an even better bottle of red. In the summer we are the best in the world at turning the tiiiiiniest corner of sunshine into the Riviera, oh yes. But there is something *very* special about spring...

It may be that it is the first time we see the light after almost six month of darkness or that the smallest hint of warmth and we all hit the parks on mass exclaiming about the bulbs. Whatever it is we simply can’t deny that London is the bestest in the spring. London and Londoners come alive, and these are our top reasons why…

1. It’s blooming lovely

Everything is better when there are flowers blooming from every garden bed and branch. Gone are the bare, depressing trees of winter and in their place stand blossoming plants, bluebells, snowdrops and daffodils. Suddenly you look around and Londoners have a spring in their step. It's literally like a scene from a Disney film - all happy and cheery.

2. Roof top bars

What is it with our obsession with roof top bars as soon as the sun comes out? Well, nothing beats a drink in one hand, the sun beaming down, tunes blaring and some of the best views across London. Yes we may lose a precious hour in bed with the clocks going back, but it means summer is FINALLY on its way. Say hello to lighter evenings, after-work drinks in daylight and just generally feeling happier about *everything* ‘cos the sun is still shining at 7pm.

3. Ditching the winter coat

S’long heavy, thick, overbearing winter coats, which takes up all our precious wardrobe space and hello light jackets and blazers. Yes, the arrival of spring means we’re all sorting through our closet and storing our winter boots and thermals. In their place we’re whipping out the flip-flops, skirts, shorts, dresses, tees, bikinis, trunks etc. Hello!


Need I say more? Super Sunday sessions, three-day weekends and Monday’s off. Four-day weeks should be made compulsory. There is just so much time for sitting in the park, enjoying the beautiful English landscape and generally relishing a little bit more of an outdoor lifestyle. How chic.

5. Cocktails


I love cocktails at any time of the year, obviously, but it really feels like you are one step away from the summer when you start sipping on something long and fruity with a slim line of sunshine beaming on you from somewhere (however wrapped up you may be). I like drinking at night but I love it even more when it feels like I am drinking in the day.

With that in mind, roll on wonderful spring so that we can drink perhaps in the park whilst enjoying the beautiful blooms on a bank holiday before meandering to a roof top garden for cocktails– who said we can’t have our pleasures all at once?

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin