Poppy's March Hot List

11 March 2014

Spring is in the air and with it comes a whole heap of excitement. Burger related meet-ups, drive-in cinema screenings and, errrr, Guinness cupcakes?! March is scoring some serious cool points.

Here's our round up of the top things to do, see, eat and drink this month...


Celebrate St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day falls on Monday the 17th, but you can start celebrating early with the St Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday the 16th which sees floats and marching bands travel between Piccadilly and Whitehall. Join 100,000 others in Trafalgar Square for Irish music, dancing and - inevitably - boozing. And yes, there will be a performance from the cast of Riverdance. Details here.

Attend the Vogue Festival

Now in its third year, the Vogue Festival is THE hot ticket for anyone interested in all things fash-un. This year's guests include Manolo Blahnik, Tory Burch, Naomi Campbell, Alexa Chung and Katie Hillier and the offering covers everything from interviews to panel discussions to makeovers to a careers masterclass. Properly insightful stuff. Details and ticket info here

Swim in the pool of champions

Wasn't the summer of 2012 ruddy brilliant? It was a great time to be British and an even better time to be a Londoner. And now you can keep the Olympic flame in your heart burning that little bit longer thanks to the public opening of the London Aquatic Centre in Stratford. The best bit? You can swim in the Competition Pool - where all those records were smashed - for as little as £3.50. Details here.


Fatal Attraction on stage

James Dearden, the original Fatal Attraction screenwriter, has dramatically re-interpreted this classic thriller for the stage. It's one of the most famous stories of obsession and is guaranteed to make you think twice about who you hook up with. Mmmmmmm rabbit. Details and ticket info here.

300: Rise of an Empire at BFI IMAX


We all loved the tanned CGI'd six packs of the first 300 movie (didn't we?!) and now the wait for a sequel is finally over. Obviously this movie sadly does not star Gerard Butler, but as the drama unfolds at sea you can expect waves and blood aplenty. It's been criticised a bit for being 'more of the same', but as the original was EPIC, we can't see what the problem is. Watch in 3D at the IMAX for maximum 'urgh he bled on me'. Details and ticket info here.

Visit the Drive-In at Alexandra Palace

If high tech blood and guts isn't your thing, how about going back to retro basics with a classic drive-in cinema experience? From the 31st of March to the 7th of April, the Drive-In Film Club will be showing films such as Grease, Rush, Top Gun, Gravity and True Romance. Tickets are priced at around £22 per car, regardless of car occupancy. More details and booking info here.


London's best burgers at Burger Fest 2014

How's this for a heavenly day? Wild Game Co., Honest Burger, Mother Flipper, Burger Craft and Street Kitchen are coming together for TSL's Burger Fest. A celebration of all things beefy and brilliant, if you will. For your £35 entry ticket you get 5 half burgers (from the aforementioned burger gods), a bacon & maple syrup burger cupcake with a side of vanilla cookie fries for dessert from Cupcakes and Shhht, plus, if you arrive before 17:30 you’ll get a free bottle of Brew Dog beer. More details and ticket info here.

An afternoon 'tea-torial' for Mother's Day

Not content with stunning sandwiches, cakes and pastries from Masterchef finalist Adam Handling washed down with the finest tea from Newby Teas and one or two bellinis? Well how about all that PLUS a tutorial on all things 'tea history' from an expert historian? That's what you'll get if you book in for one of the special Mother's Day 'tea-torials' at St Ermin's Hotel. We've tried it and it's glorious. £39 per person. Details and booking info here.

Guinness Cupcakes

You can't really justify eating these at any other time of year, so make the most of St Patrick's Day by eating your body weight in these because they're frikkin delicious. So naughty. SO GOOD. Recipe here.


Japanese Gin by Cambridge Gin

'East meets West' is a big trend this Spring in the world of cocktails, as you can read more about in our piece by David Kay here, so it seems suitably trendy that this gin has been billed as 'Tokyo meets London in a glass'. Its release marks the start of the Japanese cherry blossom season and this very special gin boasts a unique blend of traditional juniper and distinctive Japanese flavours including yuzu peel, shiso leaf, sansho pepper, sesame seeds and cucumber. £64.99 for 700ml - i.e, don't drink it all at once. Buy it here.

Jameson and Ginger

If you want to celebrate St Patrick's Day without downing pints and pints of the black stuff, opt for an Irish inspired concoction like a simple Jameson and Ginger. Mmmmmm whiskey.

Midori...in something or everything

Midori is very good at making drinks turns green. This will be worth remembering come March 17th when you're after something shamrock coloured.

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