Quick Party Guide

14 March 2014

Tomorrow's Saturday, the glorious day which has no work attached to it and a day following it to recover before the week starts again. Unfortunately, you have been *so busy* you've forgotten...

...you're attending a fabulous soirée and you have not prepared. TOTES EMERG!

Follow the below 7 steps to party perfection and be the belle of the ball.

1: Stand out from the crowd - wear something that picks you apart from the crowd

Pull out an old-school hat, a vintage pair of sunglasses or that overstated 80’s trench coat of your mums and make a statement. You will look chic and sleek for the photos and everybody will want to talk to you. 

2: Preparation pack – make sure you have the essentials

You don’t want to be the party pooper who skips out early because your tights have a ladder or your hair gets wet. Make sure you have all the necessities of a modern day socialite to hand. Aim for the “what if I wake up in Berlin” attitude and you can’t go wrong. 

3: Pre-text the important people

Boyfriend, best mates, housemates – think about all the embarrassing texts you usually send and rather than going through that whole rigmarole of apologising the next day – why not get it out your system beforehand! Text everyone and tell them the phone's going off, you’re going out and the beer fear is already going down.

4: Re-check the invite

You know that feeling when you turn up at Clapham North station only to find out the party is in Clapham Junction and you are left scrambling for a map on how to get there and forking out your allocated mojito money on a black cab all so you can get there on time.

5: Don’t tweet/post your plans – arrive and surprise

The excitement of your evening can seem like the perfect statement to brag about. But rather than checking in and tweeting updates of you getting ready, leave some element of surprise and put a smile on your friend’s faces when you turn the corner and make your entrance. 

6: Eat before you hit the street

Even if there is the possibility of food at the shindig, make sure you have at least a snack before you leave the house. A rumbling stomach and added booze don’t make for a fun night.

7: Charge your phone

An uncharged phone on a night out is one of the most upsetting things I can think of. How else will you get those snaps and paps of your evening if you are on 3% and fiddling with brightness and 3G just to savour the last drop of juice in your phone battery? The horror!

Sam Chedzoy