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7 March 2014

Maybe it's because I spent all day shooting SS14 pieces on the beach yesterday (Brighton Beach admittedly, but that's still a beach and it was sunny enough for ice cream)

Or maybe it's because I haven't needed an umbrella for an unprecedented 48 hours, but I am so so SO ready for summer now.

Proper summer is still a long way off, but as Selfridges have just launched their new 'Board Games' campaign to celebrate all things skate and surf, now seems an apt time to celebrate the board lovin' surfer girl. She's dreaming of Californian beaches whilst surrounded by London's urban jungle - and so are we.

1. Exclusive Designer Skateboards from Selfridges - £75

I can't skate, but I'm still buying one of these. Not sure what I'll do with it. Hang it on the wall? Look at it longingly? Convince somebody bloody gorgeous to actually teach me how to use it? There are 50 exclusive designs available from Selfridges, the ones above are (from left to right) by Erdem, Preen and Dries Van Noten. *Sigh*.

Buy one here.

2. Floral Palm Tee from Miss Selfridge - £25

There's something a bit 'beach soldier' about this almost camo palm design. We'll take your khaki prints and splashes of neon Miss Selfridge - and we will wear them proudly.

Buy it here.

3. Rucksack by Philli Wood for Warehouse - £55

The Philli Wood for Warehouse collection continues to blow our minds.

Buy it here.

4. Couple Sweatshirt by Clover Canyon - £195

Just look at how in love they are <3

Buy it here.

5. Flatforms by Topshop - £38

We're not convinced the soles of these are chunky enough/weird enough to be considered true 'flatforms', but that's why we love them. Sssssssssnakey.

Buy them here.

6. Swimsuit by Zara - £19.99

Because rules were meant to be forgotten. (That's the saying, right?)

Buy it here.

7. Sunglasses by Warehouse - £16

It doesn't matter how many pairs of sunglasses you already own and how many sunny days per year we're realistically treated to, you DEFINITELY deserve *at least* one new pair every year. Make this year the year you wear these.

Buy them here.

8. Tee by B-Side by Wale - £35

We're fans of bigging up London. You may have noticed.

Buy it here.

9. Sundress by Topshop - £42

This dress wanted to be a plain and boring mono stripe number, but then the yucca plants ATTACKED. And for that we are forever grateful.

Buy it here.

10. Kimono Jacket by Native Rose - £55 

The inspo behind this gorgeously sunny print comes from Melaka in the Philippines and it's guaranteed to bring sunshine. Maybe.

Buy it here.

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