Top of the Mornin’ To Ya

12 March 2014

It’s only bloody Paddy’s Day! And we love it. Everybody suddenly adopts the colour green, we all try and copy the Irish accent and fail miserably, we get drunk in a bar and tell the Irish how much we love them and we pretend that...

...we have Irish ancestry somewhere down the line, ‘My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother’s Auntie Niamh was Irish, which makes me Irish, right?’ NO.

Even if you’re not Irish, hop on the bandwagon and get involved with this national day of celebration of the Emerald Isle, from chugging Guinness down your local to going the whole hog, donning the fancy dress as a leprechaun or heading down to Abbey Bar, The Warwick or Jewel Piccadilly. Hardy Har.

Abbey Bar
It’s one big green party down at Abbey Bar with a FREE, yes free Guinness or Jameson’s & Ginger drink when you dress to impress us with a green top or trousers. We’re even going the whole hog and decorating the place in green balloons just to add to the effect. We heart St Paddy’s Day. Get on the guest list or book an area here.

The Warwick
Join The Warwick on Sunday 16th & Monday 17th of March from 7.30pm – 9.30pm for an evening of live music and Irish dancers. We’ll also be feeding you hungry lot with limited Irish dishes such as Irish stew, Bacon & Cabbage, Dublin Coddle and home-made soda bread. Of course, it wouldn’t be Paddy’s Day without special St. Patricks Day cocktails for £5 and themed shooters. Get on the guest list or book an area here.

Jewel Piccadilly

Jewel is also tipping their hat to the Irish hosting an Emerald Party on Monday 17th. This is the party to attend for those who want to celebrate in a bit more style. Dust off your most glamorous green number and don it whilst trying a *special* and ever so fabulous emerald cocktail, put together especially for the occasion. Get on the guest list or book an area here.

St Patrick’s Day Parade
Join in the action with a full-on party parade around Central London. With marching bands, floats, dance groups and a 10-metre high St Patrick, join in the raucous behaviour with thousands of happy Irish folk on the 16th March, which is the day before Paddy’s Day.

Soak up the craic

Nothing says ‘being Irish more’ than soaking up the craic down your local boozer. If your pub hasn’t got Irish leprechaun stickers and four-leaf clovers on the window, then you should be asking why the hell not? Wrap yourself up in an Irish flag and get stuck in with the booze with the locals. Wearing a Guinness hat is totally optional of course, but is likely to score some major points.

Dress like a leprechaun

There’s always got to be one, but when else can you dress like a leprechaun without people randomly staring at you as you walk down the street? Never, that’s what. Get yourself down your local fancy dress shop and prepare for people to shout, ‘Wahey!’ at you.

Guinness party

Another cliché, but oh-so-Irish-thing-to-do, a Guinness party. Get your mates together, get a bucket load of Guinness in and celebrate the Emerald Isle with a right old knees up. Whether you’re just chilling round the TV or hosting a proper full-on house party, this is the classic Irish way to celebrate.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin