A mid-week trip to The Gable

21 March 2014

Now as you may know from my constant Instagram pics of oversized Pornstar Martinis (supposedly for sharing, but I'm not so sure) from various Covent Garden and West End bars...

...I tend to spent my late party party nights fairly central. I live out West and a lot of the fash-un companies I work with are based around Soho and Covent Garden, so it makes sense that this area has become my little corner of London for late night shenanigans.

But I now have the pleasure of working with Grabble one day a week in Old Street (it's a new online fashion discovery platform, so obvs has to be based in clever tech startup land) and I'm using this one day a week that I'm based East as wisely as I can... to explore Late Night London's City venues!


For my first 'City night' I headed to The Gable on Moorgate. It seemed like a suitable option as it had a decent menu (not just bowls of chips but proper 'LET'S HAVE DINNER' food), is a great location for meeting others (near the tube too if you're not meeting City types) AND it doesn't close til 3am, so if we'd wanted to keep the party going on aaaaaall night, we really could have. Knowing how early some of my City friends are expected to be in the office, I'm sure more than a few have just stayed at The Gable til 3 then slept under their desks. But I don't want to name names or get anyone fired. *Ahem*.

It was rammed when we got there which I always take as a good sign, the atmosphere was buzzing and everyone seemed to be having a rather splendid time. Although busy, there were plenty of places to 'break away' to be able to actually talk (you know us girls like to talk!) and we were able to get a table in the restaurant so that we could eat AND drink.

I'm really bored of having to leave bars with decent cocktails to go and get dinner somewhere else, so being able to do both in one place ticks a lot of boxes for me. I know you *can* order cocktails at lots of restaurants, but they're often pretty disappointing. Don't get me started on the Vodka Martini I was served in Chelsea recently which had orange, lemon AND olives floating around in it! *Shudders*.

For starters we both opted for a gorgeous oozingly warm goat's cheese and pesto topped ciabbata dish, it was slightly heavenly. Then I had a very very yummy salad of roasted butternut squash, grilled peppers, pumpkin seeds, rocket, sticky balsamic glaze and SO MUCH YUMMY FETA. Again - lush. My beautiful blonde lady friend Ellen had a lobster pasta dish which she loved. We probably could have made an excuse to have pudding but I think the cocktails became pudding really. That has a way of happening, doesn't it?!


Cocktail hour is more like 'cocktail evening' at The Gable so we weren't having to hurry to get our half price drinks finished super early, we had from 5-8pm to get 50% off booze. I won't list everything I drank as it's slightly embarrassing but the Moscow Mule comes highly recommended. Oh and the French Martini. 



Vodka, Chambord, pineapple juice and lemon - what's not to get exceptionally overexcited about?

It was a very fun eve and I will no doubt be back soon, maybe a City based Late Night London bar crawl is in order?! Looking at the venue list, I've got a LOT of places to get through. Oh well, it's a nice problem to have ;)


Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey