12 people you will find in a bar

13 May 2014

From my experiences no matter what club or bar you go to, there are certain types of people that you will always find yourself surrounded by. Here is a list of some of *those* people, from the grinder to the lurker.

So keep an eye out, or avoid, when you’re next out...

12. The Binge Drinker


There is always someone who stumbles into the club, after pre-drinking bottles of wine, numerous shots and then insists of drinking the bar dry. Then they, of course, pass out at 10pm as a result. #Mess

11. The Philosophical Drunk

Be careful getting into a conversation with the philosophical drunk as you may spend your night talking about life, death and everything in between. The philosophical drunk, in my experience, also tend to remember all the bad things in their lives. Which leads on to number 10...

10.  The OTT Drunk

Nobody wants to be around an OTT drunk. Nobody. They are either the happiest person alive, find everything hilarious or suddenly burst into tears and don’t even know what they are crying about! Watch out for these guys - there’s no saying how they will react. #CrayCray

9. The “get a room” couple


You are always bound to see that one couple hiding in the corner, expressing disgusting amounts of PDA & fondling each other in one of the booths. PLEASE STOP! You making the rest of us vom, and not because we've had too many tequilas... #Yuck

8. The Flash the Cash Guy

It's London. So there is always that one guy who has all the Swagger. Money in his pocket, drink in his hand, girls on his arm. Anything over the top goes. Tad annoying with too much though... Keep it classy boys!

7. The Grinder

The club is full of these! No idea why anyone would think this sort of dancing is acceptable. Thanks Miley? Dry humping is not a good substitute for dancing. It is just plain awkward.

6. The Cougar


Nearly every weekend without fail there she will be on the prowl… So watch out guys, she’s after you!

5. The “I’m not drunk I’m just tipsy” Girl


In every group of friends there is always that person who never admits they are drunk. Whether the room is spinning or they can’t walk in a straight line, this girl will never (never!) admit defeat!

4. The Fake Tan Guy

Every club is bound to have its number of girls dressed up to the max with their fake tan & fake eyelashes. But even the guys are doing it now. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure you can pull this look off...

3. The Dancers


These people are the life and soul of any club. Always up for a laugh and you will find them throwing some shapes on the dance floor #LoveThem

2. The Photo-Bomber

When you’re out make sure you look out for the so-called “photo-bombers”. These people intentionally pose in your photos. *Not very nice*

1. The Lurker

You always see that one weirdo stood alone in the corner with a drink in his hand staring at everyone from across the room. Is he even here with anyone? #creepy

Any other types I've missed out? Be sure to share them with us!