22 Dances that will live forever

15 May 2014

To get excited about the weekend, we’ve pulled out what we consider to be the best contributions to the artform that is dance. Remember, every day we have not danced at least once, is a day lost!

I think we’ve all had ‘those’ nights where we (after too many vodkas) think we either are Beyoncé or that we can dance like Beyoncé. Or we’ve been so overwhelmed with excitement our bodies were compelled to start moving just like Jeff Bridges The Big Lebowski. Personally I’ve done both, to various degrees of accuracy.

Without further ado we give to you ‘The Late Night London OFFICIAL 22 Best Dance Moves’. Some good. Some bad. Some cringe. And some that are sure to live FOREVER!

1. Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air Dancing


2. Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Air Dancing

3. Will AND Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air Dancing!! - I now know where my mother gets her moves from... (sorry Mom!)

4. Jeff Bridges The Big Lebowski - Such an absolute legend

5. Borat - This is Disco Kazakhstan

6. Ross & Rachael Spank Dance

7. Zach Galifianakis SNL Annie Dancing - prancing more like!

8. Modern Family Cam Daycare Dancing

9. Pelvic Thrust Dancing - THAT guy. THAT show...

10. Jim Carrey Ace Ventura - just ace

11. Ginger Beach Head Nod Dance - don't know if this kid is famous, but he should be

12. Napolean Dynamite

13. Saturday Night Fever

14. Leo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street Dancing - legendary before the movie was even released

15. Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' - it REALLY is too hard for a normal person to do

16. 'Gangnam Style' horse dance - not sure the world was ready

17. The Thriller Dance

18. Madonna - So. Much. Vogue.

19. The Worm

20. Monica and Rachel drunkenly dance

21. Everybody Footloose - like every Saturday

22. Pulp Fiction

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin