Mark Doyle @ Opal

1 May 2014

We’re rather chuffed to be welcoming a bit of a house music guru to the decks at Opal, Mr Mark Doyle. Or as he likes to sign off his emails: “Director, Village Person, Inciter of Fun, Ringleader & Generally Difficult To Work With”!

For those of you that don’t recognise the name, have a little read below and why not come and join Mark and his Fierce Angel gang on Sunday for a bit of a boogie…

Introduce yourself please!

Greetings... I’m Mark Doyle and I run the record label and event company Fierce Angel. I’m probably better known for creating the infamously more well known brands Hed Kandi and Stereo Sushi.

You are bringing the fabulous Fierce Angel to Opal this Sunday, what kind of music can we expect to hear?

Expect the finest and fiercest house music, we are shamelessly about having a good time so expect feel good anthemic vocals and lots of classic tracks.

In a past life, you were responsible for the creation of the world famous Hed Kandi brand, what’s your favourite album from the series?
My favourite album has to be Back To Love it was a true reflection of all the music that contributed to my Djing and clubbing history. Back To Love vol1 is still one of the best compilations ever (I think), We’re doing a little bit to bring that back with Fierce Angel and will be launching some “Classics” events from May onward.

You have travelled all over the world to DJ, can you tell us a story from the dance-floor of any weird and wonderful happenings?

There are too many to mention but no matter how far I go the UK and Ibiza seem to dish up some of the oddest happenings with Asia coming in a close third.

One of my all-time favourites was the 7 ft giant that would come to every Hed Kandi at Pacha and stand in the centre of the dance-floor with his arms out and spin round for the entire night. He was like a huge rotating version of that statue in Rio.

Ibiza’s stories are far more unprintable but we did one have the entire dancefloor at El Divino jumping to the theme tune from “The Littlest Hobo” at our closing party. And the after party for that night went on for two full days in a villa up the side of a mountain...

If there’s one classic track that’s guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor, what would it be?

It would be a close tie between Joe Smooth Promised Land and The Brand New Heavies Back To Love .
 If you were having a dinner party, what five people would you invite and why?

I know everyone usually answers with Jesus, Elvis and Dolly Parton etc... But I’d take any 5 of my close friends that work with me at Fierce Angel as we are like a family and we always have an amazing time and there is seldom time for a sit down sociable meal.
What’s your favourite tipple or cocktail?

Ohhh I am partial to a nice Long Island Iced Tea. They are often my downfall.
And finally, you are travelling to a desert island, what 3 essential items would you pack to ensure survival?

Suntan Oil, Kindle and a Satellite Phone to call in for rescue when I’ve had a rest and want to come home and DJ... (dead practical me)

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