Most Disgusting Cocktails Ever?

1 May 2014

We’re all for weird and wonderful cocktails. We love 'new' and 'innovative'. But there are some cocktail creations which you should never be subjected to.

We take a look at some of the VERY awful cocktail creations and swap them with our amazing cocktails…naturally.

Smoker’s Cough

Any drink named after a smoker’s cough is definitely questionable, but this horrendous sounding cocktail includes Jager and warm mayo. WARM MAYO! We’d definitely swap this monstrosity for a simple and classic Jagerbomb.

Bacon and Eggs

Fancy a fry-up in an actual cocktail? Yeah we’re not sure either. The Bacon and Eggs cocktail looks impressive, but featuring Jack Daniels with infused bacon, an egg white, maple syrup and lemon juice, this certainly wouldn’t be our choice of brekkie. If we’re going to have a cocktail for breakfast, it’s got to be the Breakfast of Champions available at Foundation Bar. Yoghurt, fruit and loops – much, MUCH, better!

Goat’s Delight

Whilst we’re still scratching our heads over the name, this cocktail has been around since the Prohibition era and it bizarrely has nothing to do with goats! Containing a shot of absinthe (not for the faint-hearted), this isn’t for everybody’s taste buds. Instead opt for Jewel Covent Garden’s Classic Martini, which was sniffing around long before the Prohibition.

Duck Fart

Wow. Just wow. We wouldn’t even know what a ‘duck fart’ was, but apparently this cocktail contains Bailey’s, cherry brandy and peach schnapps. Yes we don’t get the comparison to a duck either. Swap the terrible name for our Chocolate Orange Martini available at Foundation Bar. Containing Bailey’s, but with a segment of Terry’s Chocolate Orange to garnish, we know what we’d prefer…

Alien Brain Hemorrhage


It's made with peach schnapps, Bailey's Irish Cream, blue curacao and grenadine syrup. Doesn't sound all too bad, eh? But the look of it? Alien Brain Hemorrhage is a very fitting name... Wrong. It just looks SO wrong.

Liquid Steak

A concoction, which sounds quite frankly, HORRENDOUS – the Liquid Steak cocktail combines rum and Worcester sauce. Yuck. Apparently it tastes just how it sounds, but we’d prefer a Beefeater Summer Cup with citrus infused Beefeater gin, sloe gin, lemonade, mint sprig and cucumber. Somehow we think the latter sounds much tastier.