On Repeat

23 May 2014

Three hot and heavy duty tracks get you warmed up for the long weekend... Strike a pose peeps! #FridayFloorFillers

1. Haim “If I could Change Your Mind” (MK Remix)

The three gorgeous and talented LA based sisters remixed by producer of the moment, MK. After a breakthrough gig at the influential SXSW Festival in 2012, they signed a record deal that lead to their first album, “Days Are Gone”. Now managed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation Group, the 5th single from the album gets the ultimate club remix from MK with plenty of old school house piano and a punchy four four beat.

2. Madonna “Vogue”

Now here’s a controversial artist. Definitely a “marmite” reaction to the lady herself but I defy anyone not to like Vogue. Written with NYC producer Shep Pettibone, the man with the midas production touch, the single shot to no.1 in 11 countries. Not only is Vogue a classic dancefloor track but the black and white video remains one of my all-time favourites!

3. The Notorious B.I.G. - Party and Bullshit ( Ratatat Remix )

It’s Bank Holiday weekend and time for some party action so we are calling on the NYC big man of rap to throw it down and get us ready to rock. Released in 1993 by a man then known as Biggie Smalls or just Big, the original video features then unknown artists including Lil Kim and Sean “Puff Daddy/P Diddy” Coombs or whatever he call himself these days! I love this remix from another NYC crew, Ratatat, a duo who have produced some eclectic tracks and toured with artists including Daft Punk. Turn this one up and rock out!