Best Christmas Party Venues

10 November 2014

Christmas truly is the season to make you miserable if you let it, with all of the gift buying and the party attending and the ‘forced’ drinking...

It’s a bit of a quagmire out there and there are just so many potholes to fall in if you aren’t carefully watching. One such dive can definitely be taken into the ‘picking the right venue’ manhole. To make life easier we have done a one-stop guide to the best venues for all of your different needs.

1. If You Are A Carnivore - Forge
Our lifesaver when it comes to perfect chops is definitely Forge, with some seriously incredible meat on the menu and sides that make us drool a little, if steak is what will make your Christmas party sing then this is THE place. Luckily the décor is also lux and the staff amaze-balls so you are destined to have the bestest most meatiest Christmas party eVer at Forge.

2. If It’s All About That Booze, ‘Bout That Booze - CORE

Your Christmas Party focus may be one simple thing – cocktails – which would be perfectly understandable and if that is the case then we suggested you follow the yellow brick road all the way to CORE. With their incredible mix of candy-coated delights there is truly no better place to get your boozy sugar fix and with their downstairs dance floor just waiting for you to bust a move I’m sure you can see how this picture might end… Oh well, Christmas comes but once a year.

3. If Fish Is Your Fancy
Whist most of us may be on the Turkey-side when it comes to Christmas there is nothing better than incredible seafood for your festivities and there is really only one venue in London to have the best seafood at your Christmas party – holla Gow’s. As an institute across the city for providing spectacular seafood and particularly sensational Oysters this is our answer to your Christmas Party needs if you are wanting to channel a little Sydney with your menu choices.

4. If You Travel Light
Looking for something to enjoy with a small group rather than the whole office gang? Head to The Sterling and revel in the pleasures of the all-glass private dining room, no one to overhear your partying ways and plenty of opportunity to spy any hotties outside!

5. If You Travel In Packs
Wanting something a little larger? Why not take up the downstairs at The Gable and hire a private DJ to spin like a master in the incredible Phone Booth DJ Booths – fancy. With that huge bar downstairs catering to your drinking needs you know this is the best place to be when it comes to tearing up the dance floor and knocking back a Christmas cocktail or four.

6. If You Love A Crazy
Our favourite venue for oddities has to be Bar Soho and if your idea of the perfect Christmas fandango involves urinals in the shape of lips or toilets as tables then this place is the only place to shake your tail feather. Unique party location award goes to…

7. If You Like It A Little Dark
How about heading underground to our beloved Foundation Bar for a serious mix of food and cocktails in the liveliest den of iniquity you could ever hope for. Have a chocolate orange martini to start your Christmas and you know everything will be a-ok.

8. If You Want A Monster Party

Hello Piccadilly Institute, yes I do like to have my drinks by IV at Christmas, is that a problem? NO – come on down and have all that you desire at this palace of odd but perfect pleasures. This is the ideal location for a super-sized Christmas party with a twist.

The Editor

The Editors

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