Bossing the Cocktail

12 November 2014

The season to keep warm is once again upon us, and through these dark winter days everybody needs a tipple or five to ward off the impending chill - it’s medicinal.

As we are experts in all things l’alcool (everything is more sophisticated in French), we thought it was high-time we treated you all to something new and exciting on the cocktail front.

First up is the delectable Pink Cactus, a Mexican escape which will whisk you away from our wet city streets in one sip. Blending Olmeca Blanco tequila with a dash of Aperol, along with a sweet and sour injection of pink grapefruit and lemon juice, this mixture is sure to refresh and rejuvenate no matter what the weather. Served over crushed ice in a latte glass with a jaunty sprig of tarragon to finish, you’ll be left wondering whether you’re still in London at all.


If getting away from it all is firmly on your agenda, we have your solution. Cloud Nine combines Absolut Vanilla with Malibu to create a delicious cocktail which will chase your stress away and lift your spirits sky high. Infused with cream of coconut and pistachio syrup, this concoction will take your taste buds on a journey from east to west and back again.

If you’re dreaming of summer days gone by fear not, the Rhubarb & Raspberry Martini is at hand to provide a fruity sensation and allow you to reminisce regardless of the falling temperatures. Mixing the sophistication of Chambord with the sassiness of Chase Rhubarb Vodka, this snifter is the perfect answer to winter woes. With lemon and pressed apple juices creating zesty refreshment and sugar syrup giving you the sweetness you’ve been searching for, this cocktail is then adorned with raspberries for a final flourish.


For a delicate blend, the Red Rose has to be your number one choice. Combining Absolut Blue with raspberry puree, rose liqueur and lemon and cranberry juices, before serving the mixture over cubed ice and finishing with a rose petal, prepare to have your senses awakened by this charming thirst-quencher.


For something deliciously wintery, the Spiced Pear Mojito evokes all things seasonal. Using cinnamon to conjure the very taste of autumn, this mixture complements Absolut Pear with cloudy apple juice for a good ol’ English treat. Adding lime juice and mint leaves for a flavour kick, this cocktail is churned with crushed ice to create the merriest tipple of them all.


If you are looking for something to share this winter the Gincello Jug is perfect for sharing with your nearest and dearest. Using Beefeater Gin as a base, adding Limoncello and myriad juices including lychee, redcurrant and lemon and pouring the delightful brew over ice, this cocktail is generously topped with Prosecco for some added fizz.  


These lush cocktails (and many more!) are now available at Grace, Abbey, The Gallery, The Gable, The Last and The Sterling.

The Editor

The Editors

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