Getting crafty with our beer

7 October 2014

You may have noticed that craft beers are quite the thing these days and where once you may not have felt cool enough to frequent the establishments that so lovingly stocked them we are claiming back the beer and its experience on your behalf.

Yes, it is true – the ‘craft beer’ is no longer the stalwart of the hipsters of the East, you too can enjoy a perfectly chilled and yet effortlessly crafty beverage with impunity, not that you didn’t before, it might have just been me.

What's more, we also welcome Octobeer! Which means, in terms that are simple and easy to understand, the opportunity to try all 6 of our new craft beers for a mere £25. Well, will you look at that?

So this is *the* time to get to grips with the trend rocking the nation, if you haven’t already, and flex your beer muscle as you try a range of craft beers for a snip of a price in order to assess what suits your venerable palette best. Alternatively, if you are already an expert on those subjects near and crafty, there could not be a better and less obnoxious time to demonstrate your impeccable taste and impressive knowledge base by educating a chum on the subtleties of the craft beer – you enjoyed that, didn’t you?

Where do you discover these beer-like (they are actually beer so it’s not really beer-like but am feeling a little poetic so just go with it) wonders? At Late Night London of course. To be specific all of our most wondrous venues will be offering you 6 of the finest craft beers for £25 through October in a thorough and complete celebration of Octobeer, do not miss out!

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The Editor

The Editors

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