10 reasons to embrace the cold weather

10 October 2014

The winter is now upon us but fear not - I know it’s hard to say goodbye to the summer but you are forgetting what the latter half of the year brings us!

1. Hot Drinks


Hot toddies, hot buttered rum, Starbucks red cups! The perfect way to warm you up on the way to work, other than travelling on the central line.

2. Pairing up


It’s that time of year where people are looking for a cuddling partner to warm up their bed. Whether you are a hopeless singleton or the king of Tinder, there are lots of potential partners out there all looking for someone to warm their cockles (I don’t know what that means but it sounds dirty).

3. Rocking it with a Jacket


I have been trying to suck in my stomach for so long trying to fit into skimpy t-shirts over the summer I had forgotten the glorious fashion function of layering. Hides all the bits you want unseen and it is the perfect excuse for walking down every street strutting like you are on the runway.



From your mum’s winter roast recipe, to hot tomato soup on a cold day and puff pastry homemade pies fresh out of the oven. Winter is the BEST for food. Indulgent, warming and comforting are the key words and there is no room for Restriction. See-ya later Atkins.

5. Hats, Gloves and Scarves oh my


Basically you can accessorise parts of your body that haven’t needed covering for a while so when you go shopping for this lot, you feel like you are a Swedish model in a catalogue and you genuinely utter things like “WHY DO I NOT WEAR HATS ALL THE TIME!” and “I LOOK SO HOT WITH A SCARF!

6. The Build up to Christmas


The lights, the music and the spirit all give you that fuzzy feeling inside. Throw in some drinks and it’s enough to make you hit on your colleagues at the Christmas partOH NO I CANT DO THAT AGAIN THIS YEAR.

7. Your bed gets 100% cosier


Whether you have a cute little French bulldog to join you, your roommate or the guy that looked like Bradley Cooper in the club last night (and looks like Bradley Wiggins when you woke up), snuggling up in a warm cosy bed while the air around you is FREEZING is just dreamy. Throw in a stash of chocolate hobnobs and a hot cuppa and it’s almost enough to make you never get up. I’m serious – after I have finished this blog and when Bradley whatshisface leaves I’m staying put.

8. Winter festivities!


Guy Fawkes, Halloween, New Years – The Winter has the best celebrations and festivals. Just try and avoid going to winter wonderland at all costs. That is hell frozen over, thawed out and made smaller.

9. Sofa Sundays


The Christmas films will start hitting the terrestrials soon – Watching Elf in your PJs and Home Alone 2 with your housemate is the basis for the best stay at home Sunday ever. “Buddy the elf what’s your favourite colour?”

10. Party season


And lastly the party season is here! Office parties, Christmas dinner parties, new years day parties… it’s just all celebratory and there is no reason to look glum now the summer is over.

Sam Chedzoy

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