Trick or treat the boozey way

29 October 2014

Drink your pleasures this Halloween. There really is nothing quite like Halloween and I am delighted to see that we are finally coming around to the yanks way of thinking when it comes to the 31st of October.

We may not be all the way there yet but it is definitely a huge improvement on how it used to be, you are most definitely expected to get dressed up and party like an undead rock star. There are so many incredible parties happening across London this Halloween so I thought I would pick out some of my favourite cocktails to bring that childish ‘trick or treat’ element to any Halloween night be it at home or at Foundation.

First on my list for the perfect Halloween mix has got to be the Morning Glory also known as The Breakfast Of Champions. This is the ideal way to bring out your inner child ‘spirit’ whilst satisfying that adult ‘devil’ at the same time. With fruit loops to transport you back to your formative years and a sweet mix to remind you which holiday you are celebrating they are the ideal excuse to indulge. With Smirnoff Apple Vodka and yoghurt liqueur shaken with honey, blackberries, strawberry jam and cranberry juice, this is a fruitiest blend of delicious flavours you have ever had the pleasure of sipping.


Alternatively if variety’s your spice of life then make a beeline for the ever so fun and flirty Jelly Beanz cocktail, designed to give you a little bit of what you fancy in every colour on the block! Blending the maturity of Southern Comfort with fresh faced peach liqueur, shaken with lime juice, cranberry and blackcurrant jam, then topped with jelly beans, this vibrant mixture is like the ‘trick or treat’ bowl all in one.


If you are looking for something a little edgier and want to embrace the defiant teenage within this Halloween go for The Gaffa. An exotic mix which invites Sailor Jerry’s, Woods 100, ginger beer and peach liqueur to party in style under the radar, and comes with a free temporary tattoo for you to join in the rebellion. This is a sensational addition to any costume, especially if you are a naughty sailor and the drinks not bad either.


If sophistication is the order of your Halloween evening, choose the Chocolate Orange Martini. A sumptuous blend of vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur and Bailey’s whipped with marmalade and liquid chocolate cream and that all important slice of Terry’s magic on the side. This assault on the senses will leave you in chocolate heaven even if you came dressed as a creature from the depths of hell. In this instance it’s not Terry’s it is definitely yours.

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