London Cocktail Week Is Here

8 October 2014

The all-important week of cocktails is upon us with 7 days of enjoying ridiculously tasty tipples and then some. Throughout this fare, over 200 fabulous locations are offering incredible deals and offers and other sensations. Taste sensations that is.

Of course the most important thing to remember during cocktail week is that crucially useful wristband. Pick one up via the site and let the adventures begin as you flash it here, there and everywhere.

Not ones to be left out or left behind or really left anywhere we naturally wanted to bring you something special this Cocktail Week…

In that spirit, make your way to Forge and flash (so much flashing going on) your wristband to try the No: 35 Cocktail for £4 of generous lashings of vodka and martini alongside teasing dashes of elderflower, lemon and mint. This drink is equally naughty and refreshing.

If you are feeling a little feisty then fling yourself towards Foundation Bar in Covent Garden and leave with a tattoo or two. Give yourself a temporary reminder of the amazing night out and have a sip of The Gaffa with its kick of rum, sweetened with apple and peach liqueur an added zing of lime and warmth of ginger. This cocktail is ideal for tapping into your inner badass.

Though it will be hard to follow The Gaffa, you can always make your way across London to the welcoming bars waiting for you, your friends and your wristbands. Tour the capital and taste the plethora of mischievous and fun tastes on offer, from Apres London and their adventurous Three Way Daiquiri served ice cold and with a zingy kick to Zigfrid Von Underbelly and their Sweet Nothing consisting of a 12 year old whisky with the warm sweetness of maple spice and cocoa liqueur.

Ladies and Gents, The City this week is your cocktail bar, start your engines.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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