15 Best Halloween Costumes

21 October 2014

Halloween is literally my favourite holiday, you get to drink and dress up and generally behave badly in the spirit of the the undead, bless them.

In preparation for this year's festivities I thought I'd do a rundown of some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes, oh yes. Here we go:

1. Heidi & Seal

We don’t know quite what it is about Heidi and Seal but they seriously go hard when it comes to Halloween. Here they are as Planet of The Apes (more to come).

2. Kim & Kanye

In the spirit of staying with that strange beast – the celebrity couple – we thought instantly of Kim and Kanye. The reason that this is on the ‘best’ list is because Kanye looks like Roger The Cabin Boy from Captain Pugwash (just saying).

3. Alessandra Ambrosio

Just frikkin stunning. If in doubt, opt for Queen of Hearts, it's clearly a winner.

4. Jason Biggs

Yes Jason Biggs, oh yes – Dorothy had nothing on you we say.

5. Fergie & Josh

These guys always rival Heidi and Seal for the title of Grand Supreme Celebrity Halloween Couple – can you even tell who it is? No, not that couple from Duck Dynasty it’s no one other than Fergie and Josh!!

6. Audrina Patridge

Check out this little beauty, Madonna never looked so good – although is it weird to go dressed as someone who isn’t fictional or dead for Halloween? What are the rules here? Cleary Audrina wasn’t worried.

7. Shenae Grimes

As mentioned I LOVE Halloween, but fuck me this seems like a lot of effort. Here Shenae Grimes (kind of a freaky name if you think about it) takes it to the extreme as that green chick from Monsters High.

8. Ellen DeGeneres

Who can get enough of Ellen dressed as Sophia V, we particularly enjoy the finishing touch of the wedges as Sophia is rarely seen without hers. Solid job Ellen.

9. Miley Cyrus

It must have been the year for dressing up as your colleagues, check out Miley as Lil Kim – cold.

10. Heidi & Seal #2

Making their second appearance but certainly not their last on this list it is our beloved Heidi and Seal – why did you have to break up, why? Here they are Adam and the Appl/Snake. Deep.

11. Alexa Chung

Not usually ones to salute the skeletal-one we were quite impressed by this effort, good job Alexa.

12. Gwen Stefani

This has to be applauded, Gwennie looks like she could go and rock it on one of those Disney floats no trouble. Every girl dreams of being Cinderella, I guess.

13. Paris Hilton

Without a doubt one of THE best costumes of last year, perfect work Paris – that horror show could NOT have been scarier.

14. Debra Messing

I've always loved the Mexican dia de los muertos-inspired skulls with textured hairdos and floral hairpieces, and Debra Messing just did it sensationally well.

15. Lea Michele

This is the outfit I'm opting for this year - White Swan. Literally cannot wait. Can. Not. Wait.

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