Hey Late Night London elves...

8 October 2014

...how about making my wishes come true?! With the #DearLateNightLondon wishes flying in (I can't open Twitter without seeing someone wish for a dreamy pair of Jimmy Choos) I thought it was about time I made my own dream Xmas wishlist.

You know, just in case I win the lottery and need a shopping list ready to go or if, indeed, one of the Late Night London elves looks kindly upon me. 

Well it's all terribly exciting and super simple! As LNL are big fans of Christmas (you've seen our fabby Xmas party packages right?) we're going to grant Christmas wishes every single day in December up until Christmas Eve.

All you have to do to be in for a chance of winning your dream pressie is post your dream gift on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the #dearlatenightlondon hashtag....and then cross your fingers that your lucky day will come! You can even post your request into our special Christmas post boxes at any Late Night London venue. (I can only imagine what people are asking for when slightly worse for wear at 2am).

It may seem like Christmas is aaaaaaaages away, but it's never too early to start asking for Louboutins. 

Here's what I would like for Christmas - and yes #DearLateNightLondon elves, you're very welcome to make these wishes come true!!!

Apologies in advance that it's all extraordinarily expensive, bordering on offensively so.


1. The dream biker boots by Versace

It's pretty standard to ask for new boots at Christmas but I don't want a boring pair from the high street, I'd like this bitchin' pair from Versace. Please.

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy for £910 here.

2. A personalised Neverfull by Louis Vuitton

A lot of people have been asking for LV goodies from the LNL elves, but I don't want a standard bag, I want a personalised one. What better way to celebrate my new initials when I get married in a couple of weeks?!

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy for £840 here.

3. Tanzanite and diamond earrings by Tiffany & Co.

Very reasonably priced. Ahem. 

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy for £10,200 here.

4. Molly kimono by Agent Provacteur

You know you've made it when your PJs are this expensive.

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy for £695 here.

5. The dream holiday to Orlando, all expenses paid, with no queues for rides.

I wanna ride rollercoasters and eat fries with everything and HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER on the perfect Orlando holiday. I'd have a magic pass so I wouldn't have to queue for anything, a massive villa with a pool and a special cup that was always full of milkshake no matter how much I sipped at it. 

Not sure Santa will help you out? Book your own trip here.

6. The perfect jacket by Shrimps

Nobody can shut up about Shrimps at the moment but it's with good reason. I mean just *look* at this jacket. It's intense.

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy for £495 here.

7. A Rolex.

Nuff said.

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy here.

8. A year of burritos, whenever I want.

I am not sure how this would work, a special VIP black card that I can just slap on the counter and say "GUAC ME UP" at any decent burrito establishment? Yeah. That'd do nicely. 

Not sure Santa will help you out? Then, erm, get a job at a burrito place that lets you eat the food?! I don't think you can 'buy' this kinda gift...

9. The most wonderful shoes by Charlotte Olympia

My heart literally skipped a beat when I set eyes on these. 

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy for £625 here.

10. Shoulder bag by Gucci 

Surely this is a going out essential? Come on Santa....make it happen!

Not sure Santa will help you out? Buy for £535 here.

Make your own wishes here. And good luck! (But don't take my presents eh?!?)


Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey

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