5 Types of People at a Xmas Party

8 September 2014

Here at Late Night London, we work very closely with PAs and the Event Organisers for companies. Therefore we hear all the woes of what you have to put up with when trying to organise your Christmas Party.

As we’ve become the market leaders in being Agony Aunts to PAs across London, here are the top five types of people you have to deal with when being the event organiser for your Christmas Party.

‘The Fussy Eater’
“I’m a vegan that can only eat things which are prime colours, grown in Devon, prepared at room temperature and served three degrees below room temperature, I assume the venue can cater for this?” The Fussy Eater will declare what they can and cannot eat with a sense of pride, expecting you, as the event organiser, to speak to the venue and meet these ridiculous demands. The easiest way to deal with these people is really to swallow your (organic, gluten-free) pride, deal with the embarrassment of asking the venue and try and cater for what they want. The venue will be as accommodating as possible; they’ve heard it all before!  

‘The Free Loader’
This person will be the last person to give you the deposit to book, and when you require the remaining balance of £25.99 they’ll round down and give you a square £20 because you bought them that Pret three months ago - don’t you remember?  You have to be militant with these individuals! Set them dates and stick by your guns. If they don’t get that £10 deposit to you by the end of the month, don’t let them attend the party. String them along for a couple of weeks and reconsider your decision - they’ll be so grateful they’ll pay you on time every year thereafter.

The Over-Eater
Strategically standing by the entrance of the kitchen, clutching their cutlery like their hunter-gatherer ancestors, this person knows their way around the buffet station. Three roast potatoes per person? Not for this individual! The menu states unlimited green beans and by God they will receive their unlimited green beans!  You will have to watch these people; you don’t want to have to deal with the complaints from the people who end up with a lone sprout for their entire meal because the Over-Eater got there first. Potentially the easiest way to prevent this scenario is offer Bowl Food instead of a standard buffet. There is nowhere to hide if the Over-Eater is holding seven bowls whilst you have one!

The Party Animal
You know that timid graduate? She’s your Party Animal! It’s always the quiet ones. At the ripe old age of 24, she is actually having a quarter-life crisis and at any given opportunity will drink away the fact she is no longer a student and now in full time employment.  It is time for speeches, your CEO is mid- thanking everyone for a good year…and the Party Animal grabs the microphone and sings ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ to him before dancing on the tables to Ke$ha. All before the main course has been served.  Everyone likes to kick back and unwind at the Christmas party, but there’s a limit. Opt for drinks voucher instead of an open bar, you can then control how much the Party Animal is drinking whilst their under your supervision.

The Complainer
It’s midnight and you’re feeling pretty smug. You’ve delivered an outstanding Christmas Party, so much so the Event Manager in the venue is going to be the bridesmaid at your wedding as you’ve spoken to them more than any other person in the world in the last three months.  The food was divine, the drinks flowed, the price was reasonable and you were witty and humble in your speech. Alas, there will always be that one person that isn’t happy with the venue you chose, the type of food you had or, if nothing else, that you organised it. Just smile and politely suggest they organise the Christmas Party next year, wait for the look of panic on their face and then wish them a Merry Christmas and Good Night.  Don’t allow the Complainer to belittle your hard work; you’ve done a cracking(!) job and deserve to feel proud.  

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