If Our Venues Were Trends

30 September 2014

Here in the Late Night London Corporate office we love a good browse through Asos or Bohoo during lunchtime just as much as anyone else, and with London Fashion Week having just past...

...we naturally got to thinking about what our venues might be if they were fashion trends.

Core and The Hipster Glasses

Where Shoreditch meets the city, Core is exactly where you would run in to a city boy dying to let his inner east ender out by donning a pair of hipster glasses.

Kanaloa and The Hawaiian Shirt

Previously only sported by embarrassing dads and Hawaii holiday makers, the Hawaiian shirt recently enjoyed a comeback and is now a regular feature in most high street stores. For those of you not quite brave enough to wear yours yet we suggest you head down to our Tiki bar Kanaloa where your shirt will receive the full appreciation it deserves.

Forge and The Trench Coat

Stylish, chic, timeless, tasteful are all qualities the classic trench coat and our newest venue Forge have in common.

Groovy Wonderland and The Disco Pants

Whether you fork out for an American Apparel pair or opt for a more purse friendly alternative, every girl needs a pair of Disco Pants in her wardrobe. Casually worn with a big jumper and trainers, smartened up with a shirt and heels or paired with a crop top as your outfit for a night out at one of our Groovy Wonderlands, the possibilities are endless.

The Editor

The Editors

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