Indeedy Musical Bingo

23 September 2014

Jess Indeedy is the lady boss of Indeedy Inc., a company she started with her husband Charles (DJ Helix) in 2012. Indeedy create fun, inclusive events for the public and for private parties. Their most famous brand Indeedy Musical Bingo, a nightlife game show that combines bingo with music!

They've been putting on Indeedy Musical Bingo since they've started it in 2007 in London and New York, as well as at festivals, weddings, and a lot of corporate parties. It’s like normal bingo but with songs instead of numbers, all you have to do is cross songs off your bingo card as you hear them, and compete to win some crazy fun prizes. It's a life work!

Prizes can range from sandwich toasters, inflatable bananas, and vintage records to rounds of cocktails, fancy dress, and champagne. There are over 50 themes for Indeedy's bingo rounds, including Hip Hop, Rock Anthems, 90s, Soul Glow, and Musicals.

Jess on the cocktails that match the theme:

1) 90’s

It would have to be a Cosmopolitan in honour of Carrie Bradshaw. They're back in fashion, don't you know.

2) Musicals

This round is so light-hearted and fun. I'd recommend a Musical Bingotini which is a vodka-based martini that's pink and fruity. You want something sweet and a bit strong, but nothing that would affect your high kicks.

3) Rock Anthems

A keg of cheap beer and red Solo cups would be the perfect match for this round. But this list is supposed to be about cocktails so I'd go for something involving whiskey. And most likely Jack Daniels - that iconic square bottle features in some of the best backstage photos of the rock gods.

4) Soul Glow

This drink has to be romantic. It has to be smooth. It has to be Barry White in a glass. It's gotta be a chocolate martini. Awwwwww baby.

5) Hip Hop

Crunk juice. There are lots of contradicting recipes for this drink on Urban Dictionary, but historically, crunk juice is anything made up with bottom-shelf vodka or grain alcohol and cheap convenience store' juice drink' (not to be confused with actual juice). If that doesn't appeal, pass the Courvoisier.

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