15 Years of Partying

15 September 2014

We know that people are often reluctant to celebrate their birthdays, we will never truly understand why - we love a party - but apparently the aging thing is something that not everyone enjoys. Well, we really do enjoy it, so much so...

...that we have decided to throw a fuck off party for all of our loyal cocktail dedicatees to celebrate with us, after all we don’t feel a day over thirteen.

Frankly we can’t think of anything better than combining our two favourite things, being celebrated and providing the best party in the city and with that in mind we will be tearing the roof off our new and beautiful Forge come Friday October 3rd and you are invited.

We want to thank you all for your incredible support over the years, you have been amazing – oh we are welling up a little – it’s been a crazy ride so far and, just so you know the ride is only going to get crazier (like seriously you should see what we have up our sleeve for Halloween, just saying), we are going to be showing London how to throw a real bday party. Vegas has nothing on us!!

So yes we are turning 15 and we thought we’d mix up an incredible cocktail, like utterly beyond all other cocktails, that we will be merrily serving at our party just for your pleasure. Also, even though it goes against tradition, it’s our birthday but we want to give you a gift. Not just any gift either, one lucky winner with get a £50,000 bar tab. Obviously, being the responsible cats that we are we won’t give you it all at once but as an LNL Gold Card that entitles you to £275 per month to spend in any LNL venue. If that sounds like some action that you need to be a part of then get on the Birthday Party Guestlist at Forge and you will be entered into our Birthday bonanza, winner to be announced at 12.30am.

This is going to be one hot party not to be missed, with a surprise performer that will put most MTV Super Sweet Sixteeners to shame. Everyone excited? Oooooh it’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to, cry if we want, cry if we want to.

The Editor

The Editors

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