10 Reasons London Is Best In The Sun

27 April 2015

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind (pun intended) when you think about London but it turns out that we are actually pretty good at sunshine.

Whilst everyone is complaining about how hot it is or how unbearable the tube is we thought we would whip up a few reasons that London is awesome in the sun.

1. Killer outdoor space
Whether it is terraces, balconies or rooftops London has so much incredible outdoor space to be lounged over and socialised in it can actually be difficult utilising it all.

2. Cocktails are king

London has long been the cocktail capital (back off New York it is definitely London) and every summer seems to see the best of the master mixers bring us something even longer and even fruiter to enjoy in the rays.

3. Manageable heat
It really never does get too hot in the city and because of all the amazing stonework staying cool and in the shade is pretty damn easy.

4. Location, location, location
Not only are their incredible outdoor spaces but there is also the whole city to stretch out and enjoy. Are you feeling Primrose Hill or Embankment today?

5. The Town Is My Town
If you are a true Londoner you are obviously not hanging out on Oxford Street, this makes the summer absolute bliss. Other than the tourist traps central London is a bit of a ghost town in the summer – anyone for go karting?

6. Summer Loving
We were actually thinking about long summer nights, not dating so much more time to be sociable.

7. Drinking In The Day
It may not actually be daytime but it is just so damn light all the time that everything feels like day-drinking and everyone knows that day-drinking is best.

8. The Outfits
This one is a no brainer, anyone for espadrilles? Luckily shorts and flip flops are not really appropriate as office wear so no one is subjected to hideous knees.

9. The Attitude
Ever noticed how unhappy the inhabitants of London can get, not in the sun!! It’s the weather we tell you.

10. The Food
It is really so rare that a salad feels sustaining in England or that ice-cream vans can be found outside the Gherkin. Honestly, what is not to love about summertime in London?

The Editor

The Editors

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