60 Seconds With Tanya Denis

8 April 2015

We'd like to cordially invite you to meet the team behind the party. Say hello to Tanya from Late Night London's Meetings & Events team.

Q. What excited you to work for Late Night London?
Working with new clients on a daily basis on all kinds of events. The job role always has something new to keep you busy.

Q. How do you think the events industry will evolve over the next 5 years?
The events industry has grown over the past few year, I think that this will continue to happen as the corporate world becomes more social.

Q. If you hadn’t gone into the events industry what would you have done?
Not too sure, something people based with a new day to day challenge.

Q. What might somebody be surprised to discover about you?

I have some rather embarrassing fears, for example: I’m not very confident with escalators at tube stations.

Q. Which has been your favourite event to work on since you joined Late Night London?
My favourite event with Late Night London so far has been a client Launch Party. My reason for this is simply the client I was working with was very open and welcoming and has now gone from client to friend.

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