Awesome Events Taste Test

8 April 2015

Second up on the judging panel for our newly introduced Taste Test were the team from Awesome Events were sent on a mission of gastronomic delight to The Last.

Zak, lucky diner number one, took the plunge with breaded camembert followed by the ribeye for their lunch at The Last.  The latter forming their favourite part of the dining experience and reminding them of previous pleasures. Considering our reviewer also stated ‘steak’ as their menu choice for their last meal, we have to consider that the experience was pretty life changing!

Kelly, Zak’s dining companion, also joined in on the ribeye action following up the sumptuous steak with a serious looking chocolate brownie. No wonder that the two differed slightly when asked whether mains or puds were more important. Although Kelly did rate the peppercorn sauce pretty highly putting it as her favourite part of the experience – sounds like a sauce we all need to try.  

When asked what makes a great experience the answer was simple: ‘Great service, atmosphere, presentation and quality not quantity of the meal’. ‘Slow service’ or ‘cold or overcooked’ food are certain to displease this events expert, thankfully none of which they reported at The Last.

Interestingly they both agreed that the fish options would be the first choice if they were on a date, but seeing as neither of them were, it was meat all the way. 

Both agreed that The Last is the perfect location for a date or a lunchtime party, ‘light, bright and full of character’, if you haven’t tried out the peppercorn sauce don’t delay. 

The Editor

The Editors

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