How will you cast your vojito?

29 April 2015

Elections aren’t just about politicians they are about cocktails. You may not yet know which way you plan to vote yet but we are pretty sure you will know which way you want to Vojito.

To celebrate the general election and the excitement of seeing democracy in action we have created our very own Mojito Manifesto. A range of suitably ‘party-coloured’ mojito’s including Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango and Mint that allow you to drink as you deliberate the pros and cons of each different party.

We suspect that, if you intend to judge a party by its Mojito, you will need more than one of each to get to grips with what they really stand for. Luckily we are such staunch supporters of democracy in action they have decided to offer these delicious, politically motivated, beverages at the budget supporting price of £4.50 – if only all rates were this preferential.

Available from Monday 4th until Thursday 7th across all our fabulous central London locations including Foundation in Covent Garden, Forge in the City, Bar Soho in (you guessed it) Soho, newly opened Mabel’s in Covent Garden and Grace bar in Piccadilly. Find your favourite, or closest venue, HERE.

Don’t miss the opportunity to cast you Vojito!

The Editor

The Editors

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