We Put The Tail In Gin

15 April 2015

Wait, no, that’s not quite right – oh dear, too much gin already. What we are trying to say? There are some Gin cocktails that you HAVE to try this month as part of our celebration of the fine spirit.


Our take on the classic is not to be missed. A drink strictly for grownups this is a wonderfully decadent mix of Beefeater gin, lemon juice and sugar served on ice and topped with blackberry liquor – hello yummy my name is thirsty.

Tom Collins

Not to be confused with Phil we seriously have this Tom’s number. Blending Bombay Sapphire with fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup, served long for your delectation, topped off with soda and a maraschino cherry this is the perfect way to enjoy your gin in the sun.

French 75

There is never enough bubble with your gin – enter out classy French 75. A luxury blend of Beefeater gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and Champagne. Holla if all of your favourite things are suddenly in one place. 


If you are feeling Mumbo Italiano then our Negroni is really the only option for you on these delightful sunny days. We are talking Beefeater gin, Campari and Martini Rosso served over ice with an orange twist. One will never be enough.

Gin Martini

If you are channelling Bond in the heat we cannot recommend this stalwart highly enough. A simple blend of Sipsmith gin laced with Vermouth and served with lemon or olives as you prefer the world may not be enough but a Gin Martini certainly is. 

To make things *SO MUCH BETTER* we are offering all of the above at the fabulous price of £5 each. Or enjoy 4 of them for only £15 when you book in advance - smashing eh? Particularly in this heat! Just find your favourite bar HERE and book online. 

The Editor

The Editors

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