You Know You're a London Student When...

29 April 2015

There is truly nothing better than being a student, particularly in the greatest City in the world, and there are a couple of ways you can be sure you are doing it right. Here are our sure-fire ways of knowing you are actually a London student and not just pretending.

1. You wish 2 for Tuesdays was everyday. It's an actual way of financial survival. The struggle is real.

2. You kinda 'accept' that a pint is £5 or more. The struggle is actual reality people.

3. If citymapper stops working you can’t survive.

4. You have made lifelong friends on the night bus. You know the driver's name.

5. You wont EVER make the biggest mistake the rest of the country's graduates do. You wont move to Clapham after Uni. Those suckers!

6. You realise 5 minutes before the shops close that you have no alcohol and dash out in your PJ’s to buy some. But it's cool. Everything's always open - how LUCKY are we!?

7. Even though friends from home live in London, you don’t see them... Ever. Even if you make plans? Nope, they wont happen.

8. You know all the night bus routes, and their exact timetables.

9. You have already done the Circle line Pub Crawl at least once this year.

10. You buy your dinner at Whole Foods like the rest of London... AS IF!!!!! ACTUALLY ROTFLMAO!! 

11. You have a radar for artisan coffee shops.

12. A night out at home costs less than a taxi home in London.

13. When people say hashtag you think PI.

14. You never have any money. Ever.

15. Yet, every product you own is in some way related to Apple.

The Editor

The Editors

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