The Rules Of City Summer Dressing

28 April 2015

It can be tricky staying chic and cool in the city as the days get hotter and the tube gets like a sauna. Luckily there are some cardinal rules for dressing for Summer in the City and we have them all lined up.

1. No Flip Flops
Commuting in flip flops may seem like the dream but it truly isn’t. The people are no less and the chances of getting trod on are as high as ever, not to mention the seriously questionable hygiene that comes with bearing your feet to the world in this filthy city. 

2. Wedges Taste Good
They look good too and can give you height and a feel of summer without being inappropriately beachy in the office.

3. Boardroom Not Beach
Just because it is hot don’t lose your head – length needs to stay the same whatever the season.

4. Fabric is Key

Go for light, airy, breathable fabrics that are going to get you through the day without trapping the heat.

5. White Isn’t Right
It may be divine in Italy and certainly make you look tanner but white becomes grey after about twenty minutes in central London so do yourself a favour and save it for the weekends.

6. Bold Is Best
Nothing says summer in the city like a pop of neon or a brush of pastel – introduce colour where ordinarily you stay neutral and prepare to embrace the compliments.

7. Bag It Up
Don’t think because it’s summer that you can suddenly move to a small chain bag – that working girl tote of yours is going to need everything from an umbrella to a pashmina, and that’s just in the day.

8. Layer Me Up Scotty
London is temperamental – and that’s just when it comes to dating – be prepared to get wrapped and unwrapped about ten times a day.

9. Umbrella’s And Sunglasses
Leave without either and we’ll call you a fool.

10. Embrace It
Bring out the glam, pop the statement jewellery, jazz up your hair – the summer comes but three days a year, don’t let the fabulousness get away. 

The Editor

The Editors

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