60 Seconds With Ivo Gavin

10 August 2015

We'd like to cordially invite you to meet the team behind the party. Meet Ivo Gavin from Late Night London's Meetings & Events team.

Q. What excited you to work for Late Night London?
I am currently studying economics at university, and have been interested and inspired by the world of sales from a young age. I have also spent my latter teenage years working for a top catering company in the South Hams, so I felt before interview that this would be an ideal role for me. I was very attracted by the brand and the incredible diversity of venues, also the domination of pre booked sales is a unique strategy and very admirable.

Q. How do you think the events industry will evolve over the next 5 years?
Events, especially in capital cities such as London, are often a glamourous occasion and if done successfully they can bring a lot of attention to a company or organisation. I think that the event’s industry will evolve largely according to trends. It seems to me that if well-known or influential people (especially on social media) are going to venues or events, the crowds will follow. The key is to be the ones to set the trends, to be innovative and forward thinking. Novus Leisure and Late Night London are very impressive in the fact that they renovate venues constantly, and they are rapid when they do it!

Q. If you hadn’t gone into the events industry what would you have done?
Hmm, well I suppose this question is slightly different for me as I still have a year left of my degree. However, I know that I always want to be in a job where I am constantly communicating with people. I would be interested in working in the drinks trade, preferably in a sales position. As long as I am selling, I am happy.

Q. Which has been your favourite event to work on since you joined Late Night London?
Well I have only been at Late Night London for just over a month, so (despite being very close) I haven’t confirmed anything of large value yet. However, I spent a day at Minster Exchange off Fenchurch Street when they were holding a big rugby charity function, making use of the amazing downstairs function rooms. This was great to see and also Martin Johnson (former England Captain) made an awesome speech!

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