A Gentleman’s Game

23 August 2015

A classic sport of the ages and a damn beautiful game. Well, can’t you guess? It’s all about Rugby. Ahead of the London celebrations for the Rugby World Cup, we thought we’d break down our favourite aspects of the sport.

The Dance

Did you know that The All Blacks team from New Zealand completes a tribal dance called the Haka before each match? Holy thighs.

The Comradery
I’ve seen my fair share of club rugby matches that in game time featured fists, black eyes, torn shirts and a broken rib or two. But after the match? Time for a drink with the lads! It is comradery all the way for these gents and all for the love of the game.

The Tradition
You may or may not know, but the Rugby World Cup has a sacred whistle used by the referees. First used in 1905, Gil Evans oversaw the match between the England and New Zealand. Now that whistle is used for every opening game for the Rugby World Cup tournament. Tradition at its finest.

The Atmosphere
And most importantly of all, as a spectator they put on one hell of a show. If you’re heading to Twickenham to see it all go down, you’ll be embarking on an amazing adventure. But if you didn’t manage to nab tickets… get ready to celebrate at Tiger Tiger where we’ll have all of the games ready to view. Not to mention a pint or two to keep you happy. 

The Editor

The Editors

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