28 August 2015

You know we love a #TrendingTopic and when we spotted #MyDrinkWouldBeCalled... we couldn’t stop ourselves. Look no further than Late Night London if you want your drink to be called flawless, delicious and sumptuously sexy.

Our fabulous venues have so many drinks to offer across our forty-six bars and restaurants nationwide.

Why not pop into Scarlet’s, just on the corner of the infamous Covent Garden junction, where you can sip on a sensual Gincello. That’s right, the best of London and Italy mixed together to form a seamlessly smooth cocktail that goes down maybe a little too easily. Oh, and did we mention, it’s super refreshing? We’ll have another please. Or perhaps a Lavender Love is more your style? A truly innovative cocktail that mixes Absolut vodka citrus flavour with lavender syrup. We know, right? Or lastly, how about heading over to Foundation bar, where we can offer up the greatest cocktail of all? The #Selfie. Highly appropriate for #MyDrinkWouldBeCalled don’t you think? Contain yourselves Londoners… or don’t.

Head on down to any Late Night London venue to indulge in our delightful cocktails, beers, wines and spirits. Maybe it shouldn’t be #MyDrinkWouldBeCalled, and more #MyDrinkIsCalled

The Editor

The Editors

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