10 Ridiculous Things the UK Wastes Money On

27 December 2015

Oh London. We love you, but sometimes you spend money on crazy stupid things. From constructing million pound projects to dropping billions on biscuits… we seriously live in one of the wackiest cities in the world… where anything and everything is possible.

Although, we can’t totally take all the blame. It’s not all on London, the rest of the country certainly gives a helping hand. So we’ve rounded up the top 10 things that the UK has wasted money on…


1. The Millennium Dome (The O2 Arena)

Yep, this eyesore in the east cost a cool £789 million to build… and in the end, no one really wanted it. Luckily O2 swept in the pick up the pieces eh?


2. The Biscuit Bill

Sorry Charlie, no Wonka Bars in sight, but if you’re in the mood for your golden ticket you can rely on the Brits to include a hefty amount of allotted money to biscuits. Seriously. Just like Hugh Grant as the PM in Love Actually said, ‘Who do I have to screw to get a chocolate biscuit around here?’ Apparently the taxpaying citizens Hugh. In 2012, the Health Department racked up a £109,017 tea and biscuits bill in only three months. In total for the year? £3 million.


3. Julian Assange

Who knew harboring a fugitive would be so costly? Well, apparently Scotland Yard has spent nearly £10m providing a 24-hour guard at the Ecuadorean embassy in London since Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claimed asylum there. Wiki-leaking money right out of our pockets.


4. Olympic Stadium

The Olympics are an incredibly powerful platform in the world. And in 2012, London held the spotlight by creating the £486 million stadium. But in the aftermath, well the Olympic Stadium just kind of… sat there. What do you do with a giant stadium? Sell it to a football team! Renovations to make it football ready are costing £15million and then West Ham are to rent it for £2-2.5million annually as part of a 99 year lease. Still less than half the total cost of the stadium creation. A STEAL WE SAY.


5. Motivational Magician

There are some things you just can’t make up. A motivational magician is one of them. In the Cotswolds they spent £19K on one to boost staff morale. We hope it was worth it.


6. Computer Issues

IT mistakes are a biggie in the UK spending reports. Mistakes that ahem – have cost taxpayers over £26 billion. The biggest waste was a £12.7bn plan for the NHS to start using new electronic records. Fewer than 200 out of 9,000 health organizations are using the technology despite the fact that the money was spent on it. I mean, we can barely log into our email accounts. So, we feel you.


7. Bunny Outfits

Obviously this was a necessity… the Forestry Commission spent £70 on a bunny outfit bought with a taxpayer-funded procurement card. We get it, Forestry and all. Nature… but we’re not quite sure why they needed the bunny costume.


8. Think Twice About Ditching Your Appointment

Each time a patient misses a hospital appointment in the UK they waste over £100 in NHS resources, costing taxpayers £769,679,700 in total last year. WTF. Go to your appointment or cancel it with time to spare. Free health care is great for a reason! It’s free, so let’s not waste the Gov’s money on it either. Deal?

9. Hello from the Other Side

We HATE when we lose our phones… typically on a raging night out. But when you lose it, if you can’t find it, you cancel your service. Get a new phone and then cry while you figure out how much it’s cost you. But um maybe someone should get a better system in place in Parliament because in 2003, 10 phones were sent to Iraq, but were never picked up. Skip ahead 1.5 years later, two of the phones had been ‘stolen’ and spend £600,00 in charges. OOPS.


10. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Yep. Even this is a thing. The Ministry of Defence was shelling out £22 for light bulbs. LIGHT BULBS.

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