Best Spots to Watch the Fireworks this NYE

26 December 2015

We can’t believe where the year has gone… and now with Christmas over (sad face) we’re ready to celebrate the New Year!

With tons of champagne, our party dresses and dapper suits and ties, we’re doing New Year’s Eve in style. And each year begins in the same way. Fireworks.


Whether you’re trying to create a spark with that person you’ve had your eye on the past few months who’s going to be at the same party… remember that if all else fails, London has one of the best displays in the world. Late Night London have found the best spots to watch the fireworks this year, whether you’re stepping outside of the pub or have front row tickets to the spectacle.


Along the Thames

First and foremost you’re at the front of the action. There’s no better spot than in the FROW after all. However, these babies can cost you £10 per ticket and chances are you’ll be freezing your bum off. But that Instagram selfie will be unreal.


The City

Canon Street is extremely close to the ticketed viewing areas. This is our pro-tip! It’s the free version to attend and them leave quickly after the fireworks to slink into a bar.


London Fields

Okay, so these are far from the action, but they let you see literally everything. So in addition to the main event, chance are you’ll be getting views of all the one off fireworks that people will be setting off across London.


Parliament Hill

Still away from the center of the action, similar to Fields, Parliament Hill has stunning views to offer.


Primrose Hill

Our favourite little hideaway, the top of Primrose Hill has the BEST views of London. Try to ignore the hike that it takes to get up there, think about the calf muscles you’re building instead. Grab a bottle of champagne and take it up to pop open at midnight (or ahem – crack into it a bit earlier).


Tower Bridge

Another of our favourite locations, Tower Bridge is an iconic London sight and an even better sight to take in the fireworks. Be wary though, it’ll be crowded for sure! Get there a bit early if this is going to be your go-to spot.

Millennium Bridge and Southwark Bridge

The ticketed area will end at Blackfriars Bridge, leaving the Millennium and Southwark Bridges open to the public! Unfortunately the London Eye is blocked from your view, but you’ll still be able to see the main display.

Of course, if fireworks aren’t your thing, we’ve got ALL the parties for you to choose from here at Late Night London. Get your tickets to ensure a very warm New Year’s countdown.

The Editor

The Editors