Dear Santa ...

7 December 2015

Forget about Santa, this year make sure you send your list to Late Night London.

We’ll be making your dreams come true this Christmas by granting wishes to all the good boys and girls. Ah, okay, we’ll even give the naughty ones treats too! We’re just that nice.

Our campaign continues each day throughout the month of December on Twitter, where at the end of every day, we’re picking our winners. We have 24 days and 24 wishes to grant, so let’s get started! So how do you win and get selected by Late Night London? You need to follow our account @LateNightLondon and tweet us a photo of what you’d like. How about that Michael Kors purse you’ve been eyeing up? Or that incredible Daniel Wellington watch? Grab a photo of what you’d like and tweet @LateNightLondon using the #DearLateNightLondon hashtag to win. It’s as easy as that!

What are you wishing for this Christmas? Maybe #DearLateNightLondon will make it come true!

The Editor

The Editors