Who are you at the office Christmas party?

10 December 2015

You’ve waited all year for this moment. You’ve worked your ass off the past few months and you are ready to LET LOOSE.

It’s time to get dressed up and get drunk with your colleagues and bosses. You can do this one of two ways. You’re either sipping on soft drinks or your pounding hard liquor all night. The choice is up to you! 
So, who are you at the office Christmas party?

Michael Scott

You’re the loveable boss that everyone finds hysterically funny. Your dance moves impress everyone and your jokes are a thing of legends. They are laughing with you. Definitely.

Bridget Jones

You’ve gotten absolutely pissed, you fancy your boss a bit and well, you’ve embarrassed yourself yet again. Karaoke? See through shirt? For god’s sake Bridget, follow the dress code!!

The One from Friends

You could be the attractive player Joey, who’s trying to get with the new girl (not a good look Joey) the slightly ditzy but ever so successful work BFF Rachel. The nerdy one, who is definitely going to talk to you about new gadgets or the history of Christmas pudding, Ross. The expertly OCD Monica, who has baked treats for the ENTIRE office building. Or perhaps you’re like Phoebe and you’re not really positive that it’s the Christmas party at all.

Laura Linney in Love Actually


John McClane

You are literally here to save the day. Someone forgot to order the booze? You FOUND booze. David got too drunk and needed a cab home? YOU sorted that cab. It’s the small things that make a hero people, the small things.

The Grinch

You decidedly hate Christmas, but they’ve thrown the office party in the middle of the day and you are *forced* to stay for the festivities. Carol’s wearing reindeer antlers, Peter’s in a Christmas jumper. Ugh. Grab a bottle of whiskey and hide in the corner.

Buddy the Elf

You ARE Christmas. You love everything about the holiday. You’ve decorated the office, your cubicle might just contain fairy lights and you’re the organiser for the Christmas party. In the off season, you are absolutely a person who hero worships Disney.

Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney

You are the definition of old school glamour. You love that older traditional Christmastime and wishing for yesteryear. Chances are, you’ve skipped the holiday party and are off visiting the Alps and are sitting by a warm fire. Grab yourself a hot toddy and enjoy that White Christmas.

The Editor

The Editors