What would YOU do with £50K?

2 December 2015

Yes, it’s a serious question. What would you do with £50k? Would you fill a swimming pool with money? Would you go party in Miami? Would you travel the world? Blow it all in Vegas?

Whether you’re going to be sensible and use it as a down payment on your dream flat in London or blow it all at the bookies, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to give you £50k. Yep. This January Late Night London are giving away £50k tax free pounds with the #50kWhatWouldYouDo giveaway.

All you have to do to be in the running? Make any purchase at one of our venues, whether that’s a cocktail or a bottle of Mumm champagne and then take the receipt to register online. We should mention that you can enter as many times as you want. OH YEAH. For every five entries, we’ll give you a 50% off voucher to use the next time you’re in. We’re a generous bunch, we know.

And can we get a drumroll please? Because that’s not all! There will also be 10 bar tabs for £1000 to win for our runners up. Not a bad consolation prize friends. That’s your nights sorted for… well, if you’re anything like us, the month.

So come on, are you in it to win it? It’s our January #50kWhatWouldYouDo giveaway! 

Get ahead of the game and REGISTER HERE NOW

Make it rain

Be like Scrooge McDuck

Flaunt it with Kim K

Perhaps think about your future ... and invest in a house

Or just find other uses for it

The Editor

The Editors

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