18 Things To Give Up For Lent

18 February 2015

That is NOT booze. The pancake hangover has barely started to shift (maybe because we had more pancakes for breakfast) and now we've got to scramble to find something to give up for Lent.

We can't give up booze, obvs, but we can sacrifice other things we love for 40ish days. Or can we?! The more we think about it, the harder it seems.

If you're struggling to think of something to give up then maybe one of the below ideas will work for you. Just remember, you have to give whatever it is up til Easter Sunday or sundown on Holy Thursday (different churches argue on this, which is helpful) so it's no small commitment!

1. Phones in the bedroom
A very modern problem this, but taking your phone to bed supposedly does terrible things to sleep patterns as we desperately carry on tweeting late into the night and checking our emails at 4am. Invest in an alarm clock and ban your mobile from the bedroom.

2. 'Low fat' and 'sugar free' diet foods
We're not saying give up the diet, just give up the so called 'diet foods' which are packed full of chemicals and weird additives. Have real butter and mayo and just eat a lot less of it.

3. Fizzy drinks
Can you give up carbonated beverages for 40 days? Harder than you may think.

4. Facebook
Some people say you should try and give up ALL social media for Lent, but as Facebook is my least favourite I'm going to suggest just quitting Facebook. After all you might found out breaking news on Twitter which is actually important, on FB you'll only ever find out about that idiot from school's latest love triangle.

5. Swearing
This one would be a bloody nightmare for me. I'd be shit at it.

6. Taxis
And not just black cabs, but Uber and AdLee as well. You'll just have to leave more time to get places and make friends with the night bus. Your wallet will thank you later!

7. Inbox hovering
You can't quit email (unless you want to quit your job too?!) but you can stop hovering over your inbox like a thirsty mosquito. Vow to check your messages and reply to emails in batch sessions only a couple of times a day, like at 9am, 1pm and 4pm. You'll be a lot more productive if you get out of Outlook and get on with your ACTUAL JOB. People will call you if it's super urgent anyway.

8. Meat and fish.
Go on, embrace your innner vegetarian.

9. Clothes shopping
It's not a long time to give up shopping for, yet some people look horrified when I suggest this one. Again, your bank balance will thank you.

10. Agreeing to things you don't want to do
This should be easy, but it's actually really hard to say no sometimes. You'll risk offence if you say "I can't come to your birthday actually, I'm giving up agreeing to things I don't want to do for Lent" so you'll have to come up with a lot of excuses, but I promise you'll feel better for owning your free time and saying no more.

11. Going to bed after midnight on weekdays

You can party all you like on Friday and Saturday night, but could you be in bed before midnight (and sleeping, not watching Family Guy re-runs) from Sunday-Thursday?

12. Smoking
Just don't switch to vaping. Vaping is not cool.

13. Chewing gum
I'm a fan of fresh breath and highly encourage the use of mints, but gum chewing is a bad habit for a lot of people and it looks tacky, not to mention the fact it can cause havoc with your jaw in the long run. Give up the gum.

14. Coffee
Could you? Could you really? This one is a proper challenge.

15. Chocolate
A classic Lent sacrifice from your childhood days, but still surprisingly difficult. Just think of how sweet those Easter eggs will taste in a few weeks time.

16. Negativity
Vow not to bitch and moan and slag people off. You'll probably feel better, but I wouldn't even begin to attempt this one personally.

17. Takeaways
For this one to work you will need a game plan, make sure you have everything required for cheese on toast or at least a pizza in the freezer whenever you go out boozing so you can still snack away when you get home. Know your 'danger times' when takeaway cravings are most likely and then plan to avoid them.

18. Films made in the 21st century.
You won't be able to go to see the latest releases at the cinema, but this is actually a great little challenge as you can use it to watch ALL THE CLASSICS you 'never have time for'. Many of the greatest films were made in the 90s anyway. This should be easy and a great talking point.

Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey

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