It's Foundation O'Clock

18 February 2015

Our favourite location in Covent Garden has had a brain wave of genius and are set to bring a new food and drink menu that is going to rock your world.

Just to put this into context, before we tell you about what is coming, these are the masters of creative cocktail art that brought you the Crème Egg Mojito – gasp.

So what have they rustled up for you? Happy Meals of course. No seriously. Not just meals to make you happy but Happy Meals for adults, we are talking burgers, fries, adult toys (make of that what you will). Is that all? No, not even close. This is just the new and irresistible additions to the food menu that are going to have you lining up to act like you're 8 every day.

Keeping the ‘pop’ in culture we move on to the newly fabuloused cocktail menu that will include such treasures at your daily Starf**cks, a lethal mix of Vodka and Tequila with cherry bitters and cherry coke and a side of ‘you name written on the cup’ holla.


If you are at one with the selfies then their next new addition is pretty much a wet dream, originally titled ‘The Selfie’  the #Selfie is chocolate raspberry vodka, white chocolate and raspberry liqueur and a picture of you on the side. #winning

Because we are all huge fans of sweets they have also supersized their famous Jelly Beanz so that you can share with pals out of a medicine bottle – chic, and created a Sharks Tale less like the movie and more like floating jelly sharks in a sea of of blue vodka with peach bitters. Yum.


This really is the perfect moment to test your boundaries and rock your Foundation – see what we did there? You can always just enjoy a great cocktail and a Happy Meal too.

Find out more or book to try one of these babies right HERE.

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