It's Bean a Jelly While

11 February 2015

So we know that you know that we know what we are doing when it comes to cocktails. We whipped you up a Crème Egg Mojito one Easter and you couldn’t get enough, we made popsicles alcoholic for the Summer of ’14 and life was changed forever...

...we plopped sherbet spaceships and our other favourite pick and mix alongside some boozey goodness and no cocktail ever felt the same again. So what’s next? Jelly Belly of course.

Yes indeed, you heard it here first. We have teamed up with the mighty titans of Jelly Bean production to bring you the coolest cocktail on the block this February – the You And Me Cooler. This little beauty is an intoxicating mix designed to be like a pomegranate bean in and out. Expertly engineered to give you just the right amount of schamazing in a glass we have combined various secret ingredients to perfectly formulate the exact taste of a pomegranate Jelly Belly with the added bonus of alcohol – well hello there.

Don’t worry we are obviously going to give you some of the actual beans on the side so that you can compare for yourself just how magnificently we have matched the flavours. Toot Toot (that was our own horn by the way).

Get your mitts on one of these limited edition delights throughout the month of February across of fabulous locations and seeing as the 2for1 thing is raging hard for the month is only seems sensible that you bring a friend, or buy two for yourself, your call.

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