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5 February 2015

It’s February (duh), the weather is still admittedly pretty chilly – don’t worry we are not going to sell you any springtime dreams we can’t keep up with – but we have all made it through January. Hurrah.

Some of you brave souls may have done the whole Dry Jan thing, and we support your efforts even if only from a far, but that is behind us all now and it is time to drink again people like we did last February.

It is with this in mind that we have some simply spiffing offers up our sleeve to help you achieve this all important life goal – drinking your way through Feb – as effectively and pleasurably as possible.

So what’s on the menu?

4 Cocktails for £25
Well alrighty then that seems like a very good place to start… Not only have we mixed up some new and fabulous beverages for your delectation including the exciting You and Me Cooler from Jelly Belly, but we have also made them and a host of our regulars only £25 for 4. Hello friends, do you feel like sitting with us in a bar whilst we pretend you are drinking too?

50% Off Platters
In the spirit of not drinking on an empty stomach, we’ve heard that’s bad or something, we are offering a spectacular 50% off our scrumdiddlyumptious sharing platters to go with those £6.50 cocktails that you will be enjoying four of. Well don’t say we never gave you anything.

£10 Off Champagne
I mean it is getting a bit embarrassing now, why don’t we just give you our first born? Only joking, we love giving you things. If cocktails aren’t your style why not grab either a bottle of Heidsieck Monopole or Pommery and get a whopping £10 off.

Cocktails, champagne, food I just don’t know how you will ever repay us.

The Editor

The Editors

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