A Single Girl's Valentine's Survival Guide

13 February 2015

So Valentine's can be a little stressful for the single folk among us; the whole day is effectively engineered to make you feel inferior if you do not have someone declaring their love for you in an overblown and cringy way...

Luckily there are some key survival tips for the single girls out there looking to have themselves a merry little Valentine’s.

1. Champagne & Cocktails & Underwear...

...will all be reasonably priced come Saturday and Sunday – just because they don’t think it is for us doesn’t mean we cannot capitalise!

2. Shop Till You Drop. Literally.

They don't call it retail therapy for nothing, right? Right. Whoever said shopping does not make you happy simply didn't know where to shop.

3. In Ben and Jerry you CAN trust

Even if you have fabulous V-day plans that involve tearing it up at an anti-Valentines rave there will come a point in the evening when your two favourite men need to make an appearance and you will be so happy you invested in them early.

4. Do NOT Text Your Ex

Whatever happens, however much you drink, whatever dark hole you might fall into be smart and stay away from your ex!! It can only end badly.

5. Try Not To Drink Too Heavily

I'm totally kidding. If you feel like it, you go girl, drink for broken hearts and motherland.

6. Don’t Be Alone

Surround yourself with other single people, preferably ones you love and not the ‘sad on Valentines’ kind.

7. Go OUT

There are like 9 million anti-Valentines parties that happen these days, we are really so advanced. Make sure you go out, if just to say that you didn’t spend the night at home alone. You will feel better if you do.

8. Hook Up

This may seem like bad advice but, well I don’t give bad advice so that just isn’t possible also, you are only young once. There are so many singletons out for a good time on Valentine's, attractive ones too I tell you. Just to prove that you haven’t fallen out the habit grab someone hot and have a smooch – what is the worst that can happen (okay yes cold sores are bad but you know what I mean).

9. Make It A You Day

Get you hair done, do your nails, lift a really fucking heavy weight, work out like a hottie, take yourself to the cinema, buy yourself some fabulous flowers. Because you know what? You should celebrate being in a healthy, well-functioning relationship with YOU. 

10. Binge Watch Your Fav Show

It’s on a Saturday this year so why not just join forces with one of your single friends and lose the weekend to Breaking Bad?

11. Eat Everything In Sight

If all else is failing visit the Colonel, grab yourself some tubes of Pringle’s, sprinkle with galaxy and add gummy bears for colour balance – enjoy, no one is watching.

And if you feel sad about being single, just remember these wise words by Carrie Bradshaw: "Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with."

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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