10 Beauty Resolutions

5 January 2015

I love the blankness of a new year stretched before us. It prompts us to make changes we should have made months ago simply because it sounds nicer to say we're doing it for 'the new year'.

I like to have a few resolutions each new year, some serious and boring and then some more frivolous and beauty related like the below.

If you're doing all the below already then GOOD ON YOU, you're a much more dedicated woman than I am. If you're not, then maybe try to commit to one or two of these resolutions for 2015? After all, looking after your nails is a lot more fun than agreeing to run a half marathon by January 23rd.

Good luck!

1. Get your hair trimmed regularly.

If you don't have a high maintenance style, it can be really hard to bother going to the hairdressers for simple trims. If you're not going to come out with a drastic bob or pixie cut to show for your money, then what's the point? Well the point is that hair needs cutting if you truly want to avoid split ends. A blunt cut lifts a whole hair look, even if the change isn't drastic enough to make anyone in the office notice you've had an inch or two chopped off. 

Your hair will be stronger and look healthier, preventing more dramatic cuts further down the line by keeping split ends firmly at bay.

2. Look after your nails, properly.

Looking after nails properly means taking decent length breaks from back-to-back Shellac and gel manicures (if they're your thing) and actually using a treatment polish on your nails and oils on your cuticles. I swear by OPI's Nail Envy range, but you do need to be religious about using it.

If your nails are prone to breaking then keep them filed short and gradually wear them longer as they build up strength with treatment. 

Healing damaged nails is no quick fix, so be patient. The results are worth it. Promise!

3. Wash your face twice a day. (As in, actually do).

Face wipes and make-up removers have bred a generation of very lazy washers. Once you start washing your face properly, with a hot flannel, you'll look back at your old self with disdain.

Read this no-nonsense guide to cleansing from Caroline Hirons for all the guidance you'll ever need.

4. Start a waxing regime.

I'm a huge fan of waxing, but it does take commitment. Having your first ever leg wax the night before your summer holiday is likely to end in disaster, so if you want to be hair free come summer then the best thing you can do is start a waxing regime now. 

It's easier to get started in winter anyway, as 'growing out' your hair isn't so traumatic when you're snuggled up in jumpers and trousers. Start waxing now and you'll be well in the swing of it by summer, meaning your skin won't react and you'll get much longer lasting results.

Just make sure you go to a decent specialist salon. I trust Strip with all of my 'areas'. Ahem. 

5. Detox your make-up bag.

Yeah yeah, we all know we should do this, but when did you actually last do it? Clean those make-up brushes, chuck out those crusty mascaras and replenish your sponges....a disgusting amount of bacteria breeds on those powder and foundation sponges! There's a reason they're so cheap, it's so that you actually replace them!

6. Start body brushing.

In the run up to my wedding I became addicted to dry body brushing and I was stunned by how much of an improvement it made to my skin, especially on my rough and bumpy upper arms. Naturally, I haven't looked at my body brush once since the honeymoon, but I will pick it up again for 2015 as it was a quick way to keep the skin exfoliated and help keep cellulite at bay. 

Use the brush on dry skin at morning and night, working in circular motions towards the heart. (i.e start ankles upwards and wrists upwards etc). It's normal to go a bit red and tingly, you may find it warms you up a treat actually in these cold dark months!

7. Try something new with your make-up.

You know all those beauty ideas in mags and those make-up tutorials on YouTube? Actually try one. 

8. Welcome acids into your life.

There's no need to ever scrub your face if you exfoliate properly with acids. Once you get into acid toning it's hard to ever go back. Start with something gentle like REN's Clarifying Toner or Pixi Glow Tonic before moving up to anything stronger.

9. Treat yourself to an intense mask once a week.

Once you get 'into' acids, you may want to start more intense acidic masks once a fortnight or once a week to really brighten your skin. Ole Henriksen's Lemon Strip Flash Peel is a spa grade treatment which reveals a younger looking, smoother complexion from the first use. Don't overdo it though, once a week is enough. 

10. Tackle cellulite in the shower.

There's no real 'cure' for cellulite, but you can diminish its appearance with regular massage. If you start body brushing then that will help in itself, but I find the best results come from combining body brushing with the religious use of a cellulite massager in the shower every day. This one by Sanctuary is very good.

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Poppy Dinsey

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